Weekly Running Report.

Hey there…happy Monday and all that jazz! Hope you had a lovely weekend. It is that time again! Time to recap some weekly miles. I was able to get in just over 75 miles of running last week!! That Hachie 50 mile race is ohmygoodness so fast approaching. I’m kinda getting nervous! But I have been putting in the miles and the work in that’s for sure. So, let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 5.23 miles in the early A.M. Last week the weather was pretty crazy humid and sticky which is not quite my favorite but hey you do what you do to get it done. This was a part of the double run day miles.

Monday PM- 3.33 miles watching the sunset. Love having my Monday nights work free lately. I only teach classes at the gym now 2-3 times a week after the 9-5 so my work life balance has been totally improving.

Tuesday AM- 6.31 miles at lunch. Ran some hills and a lil negative split at the end which was nice.

Tuesday PM- 3.53 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Quick route around the lake to wind down from a busy day.

Wednesday- 10.11 miles in the morning. Really peaceful run actually listening to a podcast and my brain movies. Anyone else have BRAIN movies?! I have them a lot. Really more daydreaming but also brainstorming projects and such. Keeps things interesting. Ha.

Thursday AM- 8.22 miles of sunrise. Felt good but kind of dragging on this day. I think I was looking forward to my upcoming rest day after doing some run streaking. Kind of on cruise control type of situation. But made it work as per usual.

Thursday PM- 3.5 miles a little faster I guess for some reason I caught a second wind around lunchtime. Funny how that happens.

Friday- 15.11 miles early morning solo. Good run, time on my feet kind of run. It was a beautiful morning too perfect for running long.

Saturday- Back to back long run days are always a good time!! 20.12 mile Saturday with yet again lovely weather and good friends. I was excited we had a few folks that have been gone for a while make their comebacks from injury and such. It was an awesome morning and yes they made me run faster.

Sunday- REST DAY. Rest days are so precious and glorious to me lately. Good time enjoying the weather with lovely friends.

Oh, and black bean loaded nachos and mimosas for the win. Thankyouverymuch.

How was your weekend? How is your training going? What is the most delicious thing you ate…or drank?? I need details!

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.

  1. Running is definitely your superpower, lol! What an amazing week you had! It’s been a while since I dove into some nachos, they look delish.

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