50 Thoughts On Random Thoughts Thursday.

1. It is truly amazing how the body gets used to doing extra long distances. My body feels pretty good post 50 miler. Not feeling like doing much running this week though. So it is good and it is giving me a good mental/physical break. I probably will get back to doing some double digits this weekend.

2. I kind of feel like my appetite has not come all the way back. I thought this week I would be ravenous after burning so many calories but this week has felt somewhat normal. I did crave savory foods earlier in the week. Tacos, specifically.

3. It has been 2 weeks since my birthday and I still have decorations up in my office. I feel like I can celebrate just a little bit longer, yes? Heck, why not.

4. You know what I really need in my life actually, right now? A trip to the beach.

5. I may have to make plans to drive down to Galveston very soon. Yes, the closest beach is 5 hours away.

6. Which I do realize in other parts of the country that is like driving to a whole ‘nother state.

7. Yep, welcome to Texas.

8. Have you bought anything for your mom for mother’s day? I feel super behind on that. I may have to grab something for her tomorrow.

9. Also, must make brunch plans. Mother’s Day and brunch go hand in hand.

10. This is the first time in a long time that I do not have a super packed, full race calendar with all of these races coming up.

11. And I kind of like it that way.

12. I think I may do one or two other ultras longer than a 50k before the year is up. And focus on some faster stuff in the fall and winter.

13. And I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to run a 100 miler this year. The crazy in me says just go for it.

14. Perhaps I will do an ultra on the west coast…hmm…California has been calling my name.

15. I have a great aunt who lives in California who is almost 100 years old…no lie. She is actually more hip and way cooler than me. Living near wine country makes you young.

16. I really should go visit her.

17. Real Housewives of Potomac is back and I am SO VERY EXCITED. It looks like there will be so much going on this season.

18. I never thought I would say this but I really love Snapchat lately. I think it is something about the fact that not everyone is on there like on Facebook or IG. Feels more intimate.

19. Did you keep up on the met gala this year? Social media did a good job of keeping me up to date on all of the outfits.

20. Cardi B was probably my favorite of the night.

21. Also, what in the what was Serena Williams wearing? And why did it look like platter of bacon and eggs?

22. Mmm. Speaking of amazing things like BAE…you have not LIVED till you’ve had Starbucks bacon egg bites. Seriously.

23. I crave it at least once a week. Get you some.

24. Also, the dragonfruit mango drink.

25. I was sad because I had my heart set on the dragonfruit drink yesterday after my run and opened the Starbucks app and guess what?

26. They were SOLD OUT. Talk about crushing my dreams.

27. I may have to go track that drink down today.

28. Do you ever feel like you CRAVE certain foods because it is what your body just needs? For instance I find myself constantly craving sushi…and eggs…perhaps I need omega 3s.

29. Is it just me or is allergy season completely insane this year…so much pollen in the air. I think my running shoes the other day were covered in the stuff.

30. Have you ever used a neti pot? I am hearing this will be the answer to my prayers. But I am terrified…someone give me a tutorial.

31. How do you feel about essential oils? I am a believer in all of the holistic things.

32. Probably my two favorite oils- lavender and lemongrass.

33. Another thing I’ve been craving lately- kombucha. Good stuff.

34. I know…it is an acquired taste. I love any kombucha with ginger in it.

35. This may be an unpopular opinion but I am kind of over the Megan Markle/baby talk. Anyone else? I just don’t care about the small details all that much.

36. Speaking of celebs. This is a funny test to take. Are you in the BEYHIVE? I most certainly am.

37. You know what I am thankful for? Great girlfriends who just get me. And who I don’t have to talk to everyday. Don’t you love just picking up where you left off with people…and not feeling like any time has gone by?

38. Stuff like that is so hard to come by and I become more thankful for it as I get older.

39. You know what I am also thankful for? Coffee in abundance. Especially the week after running an ultra.

40. Alright. Back to RUN talk.

41. You know what I am kind of getting away from? Posting all of my run stats on social media. Granted I do still post my pace from time to time. But- every day? Not sure why people think other people care all that much about how fast you are.

42. OR…how many miles you ran today.

43. You know what makes me giggle? When people run…say 3 miles and take a photo of themselves holding up 3 fingers. Am I in kindergarten? Not sure why you need to spell it out for me.

44. I see this A LOT on IG. And you know what? I will mute you so fast if you do it. Sorry but I am not that sorry.

45. End rant.

46. I am inspired by scenery though…like if you run in amazing place. Or a crazy beautiful trail?? Yes. Post that. I love that.

47. Or post what you want…free country.

48. So now I have all of these ULTRA buckles and they are racking up. My ultra friends do you have a display case or something for these? Or do you actually wear them as belt buckles…help me figure this out.

49. I need more crazy friends who want to travel everywhere and run ultras with me.

50. Currently taking applications.

And there you have it!

Share some random thoughts with me today!

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

14 thoughts on “50 Thoughts On Random Thoughts Thursday.

  1. I always crave bacon and eggs after running. 🙂 Yes on the neti pot and it’s easier than you think. Thankfully I have only needed to use it once. I also like essential oils and kombucha. My fave oil is Ylang Ylang for putting on my skin, and I like all the citrus for diffusing. I LOVE adventures and travels. I’m about to blog about our trip to West Texas. Looking so forward to Sky Island! Have a great day!

  2. – (1) Miss your mileage Monday report this week. Did you run crazy lot last week besides the race
    – (4-5) Beach is 5 hours for me too, though I’m in DC so right next to a body water
    – (13) yep, go ahead and run a 100 miler
    – (49-50) yep, some day

  3. OMG the Megan Markle baby buzz is SO out of control. Thank gawd she finally had the little guy, but SO unfortunate about his name… Archie. That is not a cute name at all.

    Get you a California 100 miler medal Girl!

  4. You’ve been craving sushi for a while. Go get yourself a rainbow roll. Now that you mention it, I may get sushi for dinner after spin class.

    I made it into the beyhive, but I think it’s because of the older songs on the quiz. I don’t really follow yonce too much these days. I like her Dangerously in Love days.

    Maybe people post their stats on social media as a way of keeping themselves accountable. I dunno.

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