Runner Tips and Tricks to Adjust to the Heat.

Well it is getting hot down in these parts! And I don’t know about you but my body definitely has to adjust and get acclimated to warmer temps. So let’s discuss a few ways we can do just that.

Be SHADY. Haha. Actually I mean run in shaded areas! Especially in the hottest parts of the day. It will definitely give you more lasting power and help you to not overheat. This is also where trail running can become your best friend. I actually love running trails when the weather is warmer with friends- just to keep me cool.

Early runs are your friend. Down here in Texas pretty much anyone training for a marathon or distance event changes their running schedule to adjust to the heat. Which is great for me (a morning person) because I get all of my early morning running buddies back! So yeah, get to bed earlier, hydrate, do what you need to do to get up early and bust it out. Sooner or later you will be rocking 4 and 5 AM runnin’ like it ain’t no thang.

Embrace your pace. Meaning you WILL go slower in the heat. It is okay. Really. I have so many pace obsessed (mostly road) running friends. I mean I get it. I can be obsessive at times, more with distance than pace. But come on. It is more about EFFORT and not killing yourself out there. And of course once fall and winter roll around you will be so glad you stayed in the game and will be that much stronger.

Here’s a good site to reference when racing or running in hot weather.

Frozen margarita post run. But don’t drink it too fast. Brain freezes are a real thing. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything like that. Okay- this tip was just a bonus. So you’re welcome.

Any other tips for the group?

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13 thoughts on “Runner Tips and Tricks to Adjust to the Heat.

  1. I find those cooling towels helpful. Not so much during a run, but it’s nice to have one waiting for you when you’re finished. Would go well with the frozen margarita.

  2. Stay hydrated out there on those hot runs! I have a camel back for long runs. The water bottles you hold or strap to your waist never worked for me. I fill up the camel back with ice and water and I’m good for all my miles. No camel back? Just map your run out to hit all the water fountains in your area!

      1. Yes Ma’am! Total lifesavers out there! Lol, you said Dora the Explorer backpacks 🎒 💦 😁

  3. Frankly, it’s never too hot for me. I always wear a hat and wrap around sun glasses. I’ll splash through puddles to cool down the soles of my shoes. It sounds crazy but you can actually feel it.

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