Surefire Ways to Push Past Doubt While Running.

Doubt. We all have it, especially during a hard run or workout! Or even a race. What are some ways to push past the doubt, the funk, the FOG…those thoughts? Because let’s be honest, our thoughts can either put a huge block on things…or help us push past our limits. So, here are some things I like to do to help me push past negative Nancy thinking and finish strong.

When you are telling yourself you just cannot move any faster- pump your arms harder. For some reason this really works when my legs are super tired and I definitely end up running faster. As a matter of fact when I was running hills this morning I did just that. It definitely helped make things more manageable and I finished that hill feeling stronger than before.

Break your run up mentally in your head. Don’t look at a run as 10 miles, 20 miles (or for my ultrarunners 100 miles HAHA) etc. Just knowing you have a big run in general (especially in the summertime) can be a little daunting. So instead of a 10 miler- I will say I’m doing two 5 mile runs. However you can break it up in your head.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

When you are tired, take time to assess how you are feeling and listen to your body. Can you not run another mile- OR are you actually in need of adequate fuel/water/hydration? Simple things like that surely make a massive difference in the quality of your runs.

Simple mantras you tell yourself sometimes are just what you need to take another step. “Mind over matter”, “Finish strong”, “Make it do what it do” – haha. Whatever you can tell yourself to get it done! I talk to myself a LOT on runs especially when I’m rolling solo. I talk to myself a lot though in general. It is the only child in me.

Reward yourself. It is always nice to have something to look forward to after a long run. Whether it is a dip in the pool, or even a ice chocolate milk you stashed in the cooler. All of these things will help push you past that negative thinking and finish feeling great.

What are some other ways you push past doubt while running or racing?

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