Running Tips That Will Help You Keep Going The Distance.

Well it is that time of year again – marathon training season! A lot of runners are gearing up for fall and winter marathons, and getting excited about building up their mileage again. Some of us are veterans at this whole thing called training. We know when to push, when to take it easy, when to rest. Others go full speed ahead so much that it will eventually lead to things like burnout and/or injury. So, how do we keep going the distance towards that finish line without crashing and burning? Here are a few key things to remember in the training season that will help you stay strong and injury free.

In order to get stronger, you have to ride the fine line between pushing yourself and resting. And yes, it sounds like a broken record but you absolutely must listen to your body. If this means staying off certain apps like STRAVA or Instagram where your friends showcase their highlight reel of runs then so be it. Keep your head down, do the work, and log off. Put your feet up. Have a recovery drink. You deserve it.

Spend just as much time on the TLC part / ie taking care of your body as you do with the running. When I say TLC, I mean nutrition. I mean recovering. I mean hydrating. Cross/weight training. All of these things are like a puzzle that goes into the big picture of you being a successful runner.

Having a support group of runners who encourage you and don’t always tell you what you want to hear is pretty darn awesome. Positive encouragement and support. Uplifting each other. We need that too. Rarely ever do I come across a negative group of runners but it has happened before. Surround yourself around runners who are your TRIBE. I have definitely found mine and I tell you what I couldn’t be more thrilled to do life with these people.

Fly kicks. Yep, having a great pair of shoes will definitely help you keep going. Having the right footwear will make or break your run for sure. I’ve actually had to stop wearing certain pairs of shoes because I felt like they were hindering my training. Now I’m in the Brooks Pure Flows and I am in love. They are perfect for my neutral foot.

What are some other tips that help you go the distance?

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2 thoughts on “Running Tips That Will Help You Keep Going The Distance.

  1. Many great tips here. One of my other faves is – cross/strength training days are not optional, they keep muscles prepared to carry you across the finish line. Don’t be scared of the word “strength” as this can be just body weight exercises – lunges, squats, planks, push-ups, dips, ab work – that can be done in a living room while watching TV

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