Cowtown to Dallas 34 Mile Run Recap.

Happy 2020 to ya! Hope you are entering the new year with enthusiasm, bliss and love. I’m here to recap my CRAZY run across town with some of my faves!! So this ‘rouge’ run of sorts is one that I’ve done 4 years in a row with my DFW ultra running community. We all love to run long and free so we’ve decided to keep this run going from year to year! I’m thankful for the folks who have done a phenomenal job organizing this trek across DFW. If you have been keeping up, last year we ran from Dallas to Cowtown for a total of 33 miles! THIS year, we switched things around and ran from Cowtown to Dallas. And yes, the term ‘cowtown’ is slang talk for Ft. Worth. The total distance this year ended up being a little over 34 miles! Some of the group thought it would be cool to end the run at a brewery so we tacked on that extra mile. Sheer genius.

We started the run bright and early in Ft. Worth and were off making the trek through downtown and into the busy streets. This is definitely a ‘run at your own risk’ type of run situation, as we are not running on blocked off streets like you would normally be doing if you were racing. So we had a lot folks honking at us and wondering what these crazies were doing in the streets. But thankfully runners look out for one another so we practiced the rules of the road and such! The route also went through a few parks and it was a beautiful morning to run. Temps started out pretty chilly at 30 something degrees and quickly soared well into the 50s. Actually I got a little sunburned since the sun came out in full force! The route also got pretty hilly as we entered the ‘mid-cities’ (Hurst, Euless, Bedford) and then on into Irving. I always enjoy running through Irving since it is where I live. It kind of feels like I’m running home for a bit.

After we go though Irving we do a bit of a downhill on into the Dallas area and back into some busy streets. The long stretch of busy road then winds around to a running/bike path which took us to where all of the breweries were at. Then BOOM! We end up at Peticolas for a total of 34 freaking miles. Crazy town. But the most PERFECT way to end the run at a place known for its wonderful brews. My fave there – the ‘Sit Down Or I’ll Sit You Down’ IPA.

Overall I went into this run not quite sure of my ability to finish although I’ve successfully completed it in past years. My love for running lately has not been all the way there. Mostly because of personal life stuff and just dealing with things (and trying to fix things) outside of my control. 2019 was a tough, rough year for me in that way. I think I’ll always have a fire in my soul for running though. And you know what, sometimes that fire doesn’t burn so brightly. But some days all you need to do is ignite that fire. Or re-light the match. And then you’ll find that fire where it always was.

I will say, I’m ready for change in 2020. I’m sensing now more than ever before that things are going to shift for me in this new decade. And guess what? I’m oh so ready for it.

Cheers and happy 2020 to all.

2019 miles. 3,342. Yep! It all counts.

How was your weekend? Did you do any 2020 celebrating?
Yep, big run and big NYE party plus New Year’s Day brunch with some freaking great people.

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