20 Ways to Enjoy Running More in 2020.

Well with a new year for some comes new goals, new ways to look at things, and maybe a refresh or a fresh start. I personally created a ‘vision board’ where I had some mantras and activities that I wanted to tackle for this new decade. But, let’s discuss some WAYS you can enjoy running more in 2020! Why not, right?!

1. Unplug. Lose the data sometimes and just go for a run for the sake of running. With Strava being a bit of a religion for some it may do you some good. Immerse yourself in nature and just enjoy.

2. Sign up for an impromptu race. Is there a 5k you’ve been eyeing that takes place next weekend?! Be spontaneous and run it! You may just surprise yourself with your speed and stamina. You don’t always have to have some marathon or super hard race months away on the books. Run a random short race and you can work on your speedwork. I know when I ran the Jingle Bell Run at Christmas I shocked myself with how much speed I had in my ultra runner legs. Hashtag still got it.

3. Buy yourself some crazy colorful fly shoes. Hey, maybe you’ll win a marathon or something if you invest in the Vaporfly.

4. Sometimes throw your pace out the window. Stop being so obsessed with the numbers game all of the runners like to play.

5. Be a rebel runner. Go run at random times, maybe try a different time of day to run. Shake up your routine.

6. Run to brunch. Plan a Saturday with friends where you get sweaty then partake in a mimosa (or 3).

7. Run to a coffee shop. Running + daily dose of caffeine = heaven.

8. Reward yourself. Maybe even if it’s just with your favorite body wash and steaming hot shower. Then laziness in your cozy robe while you read a book. You’ve earned it.

9. Buy yourself some recovery flip flops! I hear these are all the rave.

10. Find a sweet new podcast you can take with you while you pound out the miles. It definitely can be a good distraction.

11. Update your Spotify playlist. Find some high energy songs for running. Or just steal mine here.

12. Go on a RACE-cation! I’ve had the best time when I plan even a solo vacation to run a race in a hot new destination.

13. Run when you aren’t feeling it. You may even find that a run is exactly what you needed.

14. Get off the beaten path! Run a trail race. The trail community is a tribe that truly can’t be beat. Plus it makes you a killer strong runner on the road.

15. Invite a family member to run a race with you! Instant family bonding.

16. Volunteer! Give back to the running community that you know and love.

17. Sign up to PACE a race. Hey, it’s not for everyone but being a pacer can be so rewarding. Read about my latest pacing experience here.

18. Focus on your running form, alignment and technique. Makes all the difference.

19. Do more yoga. There’s lots of youtube videos online for post run yoga. Your body will thank you.

20. Frequent more social runs!! Google some run meet ups in your area. Facebook is also a good place to find run groups or happy hour runs. Meet new people. They may become some of your favorite people.

Share more ways you can enjoy running in 2020!

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

8 thoughts on “20 Ways to Enjoy Running More in 2020.

  1. This is an awesome post. #12 in Miami?????? One thing I’ll add: Visit a local run store instead of a big box store. Get to know the owner and employees (usually the owner, their family, and other runners). Find out where they run and when. Add those routes to yours and grow your running community.

  2. I LOVE this list, other than 1 and 10 haha.

    Without Strava, how will I know how many miles I’ve run all yearrrrrr? haha

    I can’t do podcasts while running. I can barely do them while relaxing in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee. I need hype music!

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