A to Z Survey.

Wait a minute, who am I?! Not one but two freaking blog posts today! On a Friday…just call me butter because I am on a roll.

*cue laugh track*

I’m killing time on a Friday (quarantine style) and maybe carb loading for my long run tomorrow (just a little bit) so let’s do a fun questionnaire just because we can.

I need to credit Running in a Skirt for this one!

Here we go…

A-Zs of Me!

A~ Age: 36. Like a fine wine I get better with age.
B~ Biggest fear: Wasps. I turn into the biggest wimp when I see one.
C~ Current time: 6:02 PM
D~ Drink you had last: Water. Still hydrating from my lunch run.
E~ Easiest person to talk to: My BFF in DC. We definitely don’t talk enough but when we do it feels like no time has passed.
F~ Favorite song: Killing me Softly. The Fugees version. It’s my go to karaoke song.
G~ Grossest memory: Most recently? Probably accidentally picking up my friend’s puppy’s dog poop with my bare hands.
H~ Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
I~ In love with: Running. Never gets old.
J~ Jealous of: People who can speak several different languages. I know, it requires work I don’t want to do.
K~ Kindest person I know: My mother. She’s the sweetest southern belle lady in the universe.
L~ Longest relationship: The one I have with myself! Going long and strong for 36 years, baby!
M~ Middle name: Dawn
N~ Number of siblings: Zero! Only child syndrome and not ashamed to say it.
O~ One wish: To get to travel to Puerto Rico. I booked a flight with girlfriends before the ‘RONA hit and we had to postpone the trip indefinitely. One day soon we will be frolicking on the beaches of San Juan.
P~ Person you spoke to on the phone last: One of my girlfriends I was supposed to go to Puerto Rico with! I’ve been trying to stay in touch with the ones I hold near and dear.
Q~ Questions you’re always asked: “Did you RUN today?” I can’t remember the last time I actually said NO. I’m not sure if I should be proud of that or feel like a bonafide addict. It’s a good addiction though. HA.
R~ Reason to smile: The fact that it’s freaking Friday. And I had the most AMAZING working lunch. Shrimp boil with corn and potatoes. So simple yet so delish.
S~ Last song you sang: Gooey by Glass Animals.
T~ Time you woke up: 7:30 AM. Sleeping in a little these days during this quarantine. And running in the straight up sunshine to acclimate. I love it.
U~ Undiscovered talent: I think in another life I could be a female rapper.
V~ Vacation dreams: Travel to Europe. I’ve never been to Italy or Spain so those are on the list.
W~ Worst habit: Biting my nails when I don’t have them done. I am getting them done this weekend and I simply CANNOT wait!
X~ XRays You’ve Had: One for my hip when I first started bring really good at marathons and I was gung ho about going fast all of the time. Turned out it was just a strain and I had to rest and chill out on being a speed demon all of the time. Shocking.
Y~ Your Favorite Food: Sushi. Thai. I’m a sucker for sashimi. And all of the edamame.
Z~ Zodiac sign: Taurus! I’m as bull-headed as they come.

Answer any or all of the A to Zs!! Or feel free to steal my survey, I share. And have a great weekend!

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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