Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy MLK Day + new week! The sun is shining bright here in Texas and I actually am rocking some flip flops today. Yes, temps will be in the 60s today so I have absolutely no shame. Never mind that it is January.

Let’s get to some miles from last week! I actually had a strong week of running (and even a REST DAY!) that I am proud about so I’m ready to recap.

Monday- Rest + active recovery day. I kept active on this day with work + yoga and have been pretty good about using my VARIDESK while I am working. If you do not know about this you are truly missing out! It actually really has changed the game for me. Less chiropractor visits that is for sure! Stay mobile and avoid all of those common distance runner issues.

Tuesday AM- Back to some double run day miles. I got in 7.11 miles of hill repeats at lunch. Which actually was quite fun! I love running up and down hills over and over while blasting my jams solo. Back in that groove.

Tuesday PM- 3.23 quiet cool down miles doing some people watching. Over 10.3 miles for the day.

Wednesday AM- 6.31 miles in the morning to the tune of a lovely sunrise.

Wednesday PM- 3.38 miles after the busy workday. 9.7 miles for the day.

Thursday- 5.12 miles. Felt more like a mini active recovery day. Another stunning sunrise and starting the day fresh.

Friday- Started my morning with a really great running friend chatting and catching up. Love good girl talk with good girlfriends. 8.21 miles before work.

Saturday- 16.21 miles with a run friend! This was such a good run and felt so DAMN good. Running long is so damn therapeutic for my soul. Fueled with a little gatorade but that was about it. I want to keep my weekend miles long so I’ll be back to experimenting with the fueling that works for me. I love the HUMA chia energy gels in lemon so I may re-up my supply again.

Sunday- Sunday funday runway miles! 4.12 miles just to hit my numbers for the week. I’m back in business baby.

And there you have it!


Have a beautiful day. Quote from MLK.

Plus a foodie/drink pic of the day. Weekend margarita flight for the win.

Feel free to share some scenes or tidbits of your weekend with me!

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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