Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning I rolled outta bed for a glorious trot around the lake. I have been seeing the same morning neighbors lately which is fun and especially all of the sweet “morning doggies” that are all cheerful and peppy in the morning like me. Check out that sky.

Work has been so crazy busy as of late so I’m still enjoying running in the evenings after work to de-stress. Changing it up lately too helps me to not get so burned out (as a former high mileage junkie. HA) And keeping the miles shorter lately since I’m not training for anything special. I love running 40-50 mile weeks for fun and absolutely no reason at all.

I am now teaching spin cycle twice a week back at the gym! Gotta love that side hustle. Starting next Thursday you will see me at the Addison location, Life Time peeps.

I canceled my Netflix subscription because I just could not find any shows worth getting into. I think this is because I just feel like there are a lot of serious shows on there lately. Can’t get into it. I love YouTube way more. I can literally go down a rabbit hole of all of the videos. Especially documentaries. I will get into those.

Tonight I’ll be going to a Korean fried chicken tasting for my Yelp Dallas peeps. Yep, celebrating national fried chicken day a little late. I’ve never really gotten into Korean food like that but we shall see how it goes.

Share some randomness with me! What is your favorite food? What’s your favorite documentary??
Sushi…and probably anything dealing with OJ I go into the deepest of rabbit holes. It is ridiculous but still fascinates me.

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.

  1. Favorite food: Razor clams (well pretty much all shellfish), but sushi is still up there followed by Senegalese cuisine.

    Ha! Over the weekend, I rewatched Ryan Murphy’s The People vs OJ Simpson for the thousandth time. While I do not think he did it (I think), I believe that he was there and knows who did it. I think his son might have been involved. Why did he hire a defense attorney for his son days after the murders?

    For recent documentaries, I’ve been trying to get into High on the Hog, but Stephen Satterfield is too dry for me.

    1. Now that is deep! It is funny because as I caught myself writing about OJ I was thinking to myself “I KNOW KWAME HAS AN OPINION ABOUT THIS”. hahaha.

      I absolutely love any and all shellfish. Plus seafood. I keep buying all of the smoked salmon at the grocery store. Plus give me a plate of crab legs or fresh shrimp and I’d have an absolute field day. Thankfully Texas has way too many seafood places and they are mostly all BYOB.

      Have a great weekend friend!

      1. Hehe. And you know this. The way how Nicole and Ron were killed, Oj would have way more blood on his clothes, in the Bronco and home if he was actively involved.

      2. LOL. Those Youtube streets are tough. It seems like the few vloggers that I watch are all beefing with each other and getting people’s accounts shut down.

        Back in the day, I did want to start a blog/podcast about the intersectionality between genetics and sociology, buuuuuuut someone is now doing that. I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

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