Random Thoughts Thursday.

HELLO OCTOBER SUNRISES. Oh do I love you so. Seriously the colors in the fall skies are always just so beautiful like a painting. God’s artwork. I’ve been loving them this week.

Lo-fi hip hop radio. This is the best music for my work day brain. Seriously when you spend time writing promos all day this is the kind of music you need. Along with some crazy strong coffee.

This morning’s 5 AM 15 mile ride followed by a RUNrise was really all I needed. And then I sat in the eucalyptus steam room which was EXTRA HOT today.

-I’m telling ya’ll I used to be a dry sauna girl but I may very well be converting to steam. I mean, it has eucalyptus in it. Plus, it is inside of the ladies lounge/locker room and it is super clean and I can go in there basically naked. Well not really, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable. Haha. Perfect thing to do before a luxurious shower and then I get ready for work.

I have to teach a 2nd spin class tonight (after work) so this without a doubt is my busiest day of the week. Gotta love the triple threat Thursday.

Tomorrow is a SELF CARE stay-cation day off and I am really excited about it. I will go get a pedicure, massage and do all of the pampering things. So much needed.

Another self care thing I’ve tried lately is Modern Acupuncture. I will say it is a cool bucket list thing to do but not for me long term. Great if you are a high stress person though and need ZEN time to yourself. You honestly do not feel the needles at all but it is expensive upkeep even if you get to use your work benefits. I think I’d rather have that money go towards my monthly massages. Massages truly never let me down.

You know what I actually really need in my life today before my next 15 mile ride tonight?! A pumpkin cream cold brew.

Yes, I am a basic B ‘pumpkin lover’ and I will admit that with absolutely no shame whatsoever.

Share some randomness with me! What is your favorite TREAT YO’SELF/SELF CARE thing to do?
Spa pedicures, massages, drinking fancy coffees on a patio.

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.

  1. I have been doing weekly foot soaks with pink Himalayan salt/minerals.

    Random thought: because of the popularity of pumpkin flavors (e.g. coffee, candles, lotions, etc), I wonder if someone has tried the same with sweet potatoes?

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