Energy Boosting Hacks to Get Your Run On During the Winter Season.

Happy new week to you! Hopefully you all are feeling good and running strong throughout this winter season. With the flu and covid running rampant, we could all use some ENERGY HACKS from time to time, yes?! Well I am here to deliver to you just that! I’ve been hitting things harder in the areas of cross training lately (cycling 40-60 miles a week at the gym as opposed to tons of running), but as my running/racing season starts ramping back up I figured I would share with you some of my favorite ways to keep my energy boosted during the winter months.

Even though it is colder out, hydration should continue to play a role in your workouts. For longer runs, I absolutely utilize endurance drinks (Nuun or G2) that provide me electrolytes without all of the sugar. Smart Water is another great drink if you want something without the flavoring. Also I also keep my water at bay while I’m at my desk working and sip all day throughout the day. I notice my brain is a LOT sharper when I am fully hydrated. Especially if you do a lot of cardio I think this is VITAL.

Keep your vitamin game on point. During the pandemic what has kept my immune system super strong is being vigilant about my vitamin intake. B12, B complex as well as zinc and D3 are some staples. Again during the work week I keep them at my desk and I take them and find that my energy stays very stable and I don’t have a “DIP” in the day/afternoons. B12 I believe is really great to take especially if you are an evening runner to have that little push to get you through your miles after work. For me, since I work at work I lately have been loving my runs at night…just to unwind and de-stress…and declutter my mind. Whatever works for you and keeps you consistent.

Nutrient rich/complex carbs with lean protein. Diet wise I haven’t been as on point as when I’m hard core training, however in the off season I make sure to have some omega 3 rich foods and complex carbs. I love brown/jasmine rice and sweet potatoes. Quinoa is also a staple of mine. I am not really a bread fan so I stray away from refined carbs. Chicken, fish and turkey are also my absolute jam. And eggs. These things keep my energy (and mood) uplifted.

-Always keep in mind that getting outside…even for 1 mile…and being in the sunshine is going to ALWAYS put you in a better mood. When I am just feeling out of sorts I make sure to hop out to my favorite lake even or just watch the sun (hello another opportunity for some vitamin D) is going to be what is going to keep my energy on point. Doing this and taking time for yourself during the winter season will make all the difference. Even if you don’t have fifty million races on the calendar right now.

Feel free to some ways you keep your energy on point during this chilly season!

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