Morning Runner Life Hacks – Or How to ‘Fake it til You Make It’.

First off I want to say a big time THANK YOU for those of you that care to read or comment and support me in my ultra racing endeavors. I read every one of your comments and as someone that actually loves being a blogger I appreciate all of you who read. I really still do love the blogging community, and writing is such great therapy for me. I am a writer by profession so this comes natural but it is also a thing I do for fun. And to chronicle the things I adore in life.

Stay tuned for more race recaps because there is without a doubt more run bliss to come in 2022.

You know those people who happily pop out of bed – say, at 4:30 or 5 AM….knock out a run, lift all of the weights, make the greenest of smoothies and are ready to bust out work / checking emails promptly by 9 AM?!? Don’t we wish we were all that productive all of the time. Well…there is this thing called reality…or just life STUFF – that happens so we cannot be those people all of the time.

As I’ve grown older (as an ex high mileage junkie and overachiever) I’ve learned to have more grace with myself. And to honor my body and all of its amazing capabilities. But in my heart of hearts I’m still that morning person that wakes up feeling good about myself and about life in general.

So – here are some ways you can be more of a morning runner / person / or hey just fake it til you make it for a little while. We all need some runner life hacks from time to time.

Set your intention the night before. If you know you are an IG scroller / late night TV watcher / night owl make a point to set your alarm for the designated wake up and stick to it. For me I know the window of time where I will wake up and then I also know the time where I will without a doubt hit the SNOOZE button. Even if you have to put on your workout clothes the night prior and your sneakers right by your bed. By all means do what you’ve gotta do.

Start your morning with something positive / energizing to listen to. It could be a pop culture podcast or even a cheerful tune on your phone’s alarm. Something that will set your mood to something uplifting and make you want to greet the day.

Don’t we wish we could all look like Wonder Woman when we run?!?

Like the smell of coffee?! Having that light (or coffee) at the end of the tunnel always helps. I have friends that have coffee makers that will make it bright and early. For me I’m more of a coffee drinker after my run and there is a café in the lounge in my apartment complex so I always go there after my run is done and grab a cup on my way back upstairs.

GRAB A BUDDY – not all of us are runners that enjoy running with other folks but if you know you need that accountability to get up in the morning then set a run date with that person. Most times that makes all of the difference in the world.

Feel free to share some morning run / gym rat routine life hacks with the group!

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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