TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday to ya! I’m knocking out work and oh so ready for some free time this weekend. I have running, teaching a spin cycle class and brunching with friends on the agenda for sure! It has been blazing hot down in Dallas but I’ve been managing to get in all of the early morning workouts and just trying to stay as hydrated as possible.

Let’s get to my faves from this week!

This Life Time water bottle I simply cannot live without. I literally do not feel like myself without it. I mean and it is pretty great advertising as well for peeps to come to my classes.

Speaking of which, it does FEEL GOOD to get rave reviews and know that hard work certainly pays off.

Black Swan Yoga + Yoga Six have been making my heart smile. Thank you Class Pass for getting me in on all of the awesome DFW yoga studios.

Dinner at Drake’s last night = absolute perfection. That salmon roll was EVERYTHING. Odd side note my body always tells me when I need something so I’ve been oddly eating lots of eggs/salmon/avocado. So YUM.

All of the fruits – nature’s candy. Peep these figs off of my running friend Tiffany’s fig tree! Hey Tiff if you are reading. I need more figs please and thanks.

That’s all for this week! Hope you have a good one. Be good or be good at it! And stay cool.

What is on tap for your weekend? Do you have foods that you just crave randomly from time to time??
Right now I really want a iced cold bowl of refreshing watermelon and sweet cantaloupe.

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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