Me, Currently (& Other Day in the Life Musings).

It has been quite a minute since we have actually TRULY caught up….am I right?! Life and such does seem to get in the way lately. I found this awesomely wonderful survey which I believe I copied and did a while ago. However with the ebb and flow of life my responses have definitely changed. So, grab a cup of coffee (or vino…hey depending on what time it is) and – let’s catch up.

What did you eat for breakfast? Grande Americano with a splash of white mocha and a banana. Breakfast of champions.
How much water do you drink a day? I carry around this baby and tend to fill it up a few times a day at the office. It forces me to actually GET UP and move around so I’m not sitting still for long. Also…hey free advertisement for Life Time. I tend to try and promote my side hustle as much as I can.

What is your favorite workout? Well you know I have a few. Some of them include running, cycling, and yoga. YOGA has been my love as of late. Gotta stretch those hamstrings and old lady runners joints.

What are your favorite healthy snacks? LATELY…edamame has been rocking my world! I also just love easy access things that I can grab right before I teach a class at the gym…string cheese, a handful of almonds, fruit.
What is a typical lunch? Some sort of protein source (chicken/tuna) rice and veggies. I also love quinoa. Or just a combo of fresh eats in a skillet or bowl will do. Put some quinoa on a juicy salad and add olives and feta and I am a happy gal.

Favorite body part to strength train? My arms and quads.
Least favorite part? Calves. I think because I already have CRAZY STRONG calves they get sore easily (and I need them for spin cycle class)
What are your “bad” food cravings?
Chocolate. Especially during that time of the month…I can absolutely eat mounds of it. Especially milk chocolate. ALSO. Queso blanco. Extreme weakness for sure.
Do you take vitamins or supplements?
My two absolute GO TOs as of late- D3 and B12. Keeps me going throughout the day especially when I have to teach a spin class in the morning.

How often do you eat out? Lately more than I would care to admit. I do however have a few “clean” go to spots and I love browsing places like Sprouts (local farmers market) and Whole Foods.
Do you have a gym membership? Yes…as instructors we get a free all access VIP pass to all clubs across the globe. Which is pretty freaking dope if you think about it considering how amazing LT is. What can I say? Hashtag blessed.
How many hours of sleep do you get at night? Lately….it has been 6-8. Well…I will say I slept close to TEN last night. Mondays with the early 4 am wake up call to teach spin class is a 14 hour day. Gotta love the bachelorette / working 2 jobs life. The good thing is with being an early riser is I do get tired and unlike most of my friends – I LOVE MY SLEEP and grandma life.
Do you have a “cheat day”? Not one where I go ‘all out’ –I’m not obsessive as some when it comes to food. I’d say my appetite is pretty balanced. Eat when I’m hangry….stop when full. Life goes on.
Do you drink alcohol? Yes. Wine is my vice of choice for sure.
Do you have workout buddies?! Yes…I surely do. I see them quite often when I teach classes and when I also do group type workouts.

What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle? I would say absolutely the perks of being a fitness instructor. Especially when it comes to recovering like a boss. Hydromassage…Normatec…eucalyptus steam room…rinse and repeat.

What was the last healthy thing you did? Taught a spin class and popped a D3. Cheers to life, love and a strong immune system.

Your turn!

What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle?

What do you usually eat for lunch?

Fave workout lately?! (I know my predictable runner readers will say ‘I just like to run…running is my favorite’) haha. Surprise me. 

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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