FAME Festival Weekend Recap.

It has been a few days since the marvelous weekend but I figured the occasion was well deserving of a recap! Myself and a friend had the pleasure of attending the Fitness Music and Art Experience in Downtown Dallas on the Pegasus Lawn!! It was a day full of incredible activities ranging from dance classes to HITT training and even spin cycling! So right up my alley.

An all day – palooza working out and sweating with basically no breaks?! Ultra endurance athletes paradise.

Some of you may remember when I was a part of the Dallas Fitness Ambassador’s group that began long long ago. I mean what truly started as a local thing has really expanded and made a name for itself!

The same girl is the owner of this group which I thought was super cool! She has grown and expanded her influencer business which is a joy to see. And quite inspirational. I love when different fitness communities are able to come together and truly make a difference for the greater good.


Fun group of ladies right there.

The day started off with relaxing/gentle yoga and progressed to the harder workouts throughout the day ending with back to back spin classes sponsored by CycleBar. I also loved that they incorporated pilates and we got some great core work in.

One of my bestest buds was there with me and she has a background as a competitive dancer so she really enjoyed those workouts too and even was able to get her dance on.

They also had a TON of recovery stations throughout the day which included my faves, Normatec and local Cryotherapy! I actually found the Cryotherapy to be super helpful to my tired feet, from teaching so many classes the gym lately.

They also had a station where we could do sparkles / art and gems for the body and face! It was cool see peeps get creative with it. I had to go get a re-do because of course they were pretty easy to sweat off.

We took mini breaks throughout the day to rehydrate and refresh and then it was time for silent disco SPIN cycle in the evening! I really loved rocking out on my headphones while on the bike.

Overall this event was SO FUN, unique & something different from your usual humdrum marathon or race! I would absolutely do this again and am already looking into it next year.

It was cool to even see people come in from out of town for it and really make a vacation and or/staycation out of it.

How was your weekend?! Did you do something unique/fun/out of your usual?! Are you excited about fall weather?
I did get a cooler run in before going to the festival and it was lovely. I even saw the leaves starting to change just a bit.

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