Random Thoughts Thursday.

All of the fall leaves changing. Fun fact one of my favorite things to do on a run is find the most colorful tree on the block. In Texas the leaves change much slower than in other parts of the country. But I did find this one on my run this morning.

I was sitting here reminicising when I realized I hadn’t done a random thoughts post in a WHILE! That crazy Chelsea life I was telling you about….life has just been getting in the way lately. But I know I still have some faithful blog readers who enjoy my musings (knock knock…are you there?!) so I will keep on posting.

I have to say that it is without a doubt my favorite season…FALL BOOTS SZN is back, baby! I am rocking my boots today. I am also shopping around for deals so holla if you have the skinny on some fun boots.

It’s kind of a travesty that I am way too busy for watching television at the moment (mind you I WORK IN tv…THE IRONY) however I am happy some of my faves are back on screen. Such as RHOSLC. Any guilty pleasure housewives lovers out there? Only thing is this year I am sad the pastor’s wife MARY is not present. Really the program was so much better with her than without.

Really and truly, yoga has been calling my soul so much lately. I really also love the changes I see in my body as well as improvements on poses I’ve made. I may have to start calling this blog thedancingYOGI soon? Haha. More to come.

I had a race planned for the fall and it was a short trail race but decided to forgo it this year. Due to just not wanting to travel and shell out all that dough for such a short distance. I may be throwing a local 50k on the calendar though for the late/fall winter so keep you posted. I know my running friends are bored of me right now. Don’t worry I’ll give you something to talk about soon.

You know what I really and TRULY want to do this fall? Go to a ‘neo soul’ concert. Maxwell was amazing the last time we went. I may have to make a concert happen in life soon.

Feel free to share some random thoughts today! 

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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