Fitness Instructor Life Chronicles…What’s in My Bag.

Hope your week is starting off in a productive and happy fashion. It’s a back to back week for me of teaching classes at the gym, working my full time job, getting some running in and doing all of the things in the busy world of Chelsea. But since my life has been VERY instructor/gym focused as of late I figured we would do this cute little edition I would like to call the “Fitness Instructor Chronicles”.

Something a little different from your humdrum runner’s blog, HA. I often get a lot of questions from people who either want to be an instructor, or just are simply nosey folk. So…I figured…hey let’s talk about it! Day in the life. Mostly because (for me) it is a great passion of mine and oh so fun to talk about.

Today we are talking about WHAT’S IN MY BAG! Gym bag…that is. Lately I’ve been living out if this thing so we can dive right on in.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst. I love this face wash especially when my skin is feeling dehydrated and when I am on the go. It has really never let me down. I love the exfoliating bursts and it also had energizing ginseng in it / Vitamin C to wake you up in the morning. Perfect when I teach my 5:30 AM spin classes or refreshing myself after a run.

Headbands / hair ties. I like to have options when it comes to headbands to hold back the curls. Usually I get these from Walmart and/or Target! Simply because they are so dang cheap and they usually sell them in packs. Easy to just pull your hair back and go.

Spin cycle / running shoes. Fun fact I ALWAYS keep my cycle shoes in my car! Along with a little shoe deodorant to keep them smelling good. I am super guilty of leaving my cycle shoes AT the gym (usually in the instructor locker) but I have separation anxiety when it comes to those babies so I need ‘em within reach at all times My favorite cycle shoes are the Shimano brand.

Electrolyte packets. I recommend NUUN hydration (especially for my runners – they have ones with caffeine in them too). I have also enjoyed the LMNT brand. Watermelon salt for the absolute win.

Aloe butter. My new fave! From Plethora L.A. My skin gets real dry especially since I’ve been sweating so much teaching lately so this keeps my skin calm and hydrated.

Quick snacks. Dried fruit and nuts all day every day. Sometimes I’ll grab turkey jerky if I am needing some protein.

What are some of your gym bag / workout essentials?


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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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