Joy Snacks…for Your Workout.

I got my morning started moving to the tune of this glorious sunrise! It’s that time of year down in Texas when the mornings are nice and cool, right before the summer heat wave hits us. Soon we are going to be in struggle mode with the summer heat and humidity. Part of me isContinue reading “Joy Snacks…for Your Workout.”

Random Thoughts Thursday.

That’s right we are bringing back the randomness that is Random Thoughts Thursday! We are so very close to the weekend that I can taste it. All I want in life right now is sunshine and the breeze! Definitely loving this weather and basking/running/working out in it whenever possible. I’m definitely trying to enjoy itContinue reading “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

Early Morning Fitness Instructors Are Unicorns and a Weds Spin Playlist.

It has been a while since I’ve posted my spin cycle playlists, but we are still poppin’ over on Spotify! Also I’ve been teaching/subbing extra early classes lots and lots. If you are local to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area come check out one of my rise and ride classes anytime! I have a bike justContinue reading “Early Morning Fitness Instructors Are Unicorns and a Weds Spin Playlist.”

Get That Fire Going Again – Galveston Half Marathon Recap.

Yes, months later and we are going backwards on recaps! But hey, better late than never!! The Galveston Half was back in the month of February 2023. It was also my first race of the year, and my return to distance running after back to back 50ks in 2022. I have actually run the fullContinue reading “Get That Fire Going Again – Galveston Half Marathon Recap.”

Ramble in the Brambles Trail Race Recap.

Well we are bringing sexy race recaps back to this here blog-o-thing!! Thanks to those of you who commented and sent good vibes on my last race recap post. With teaching lots of classes at the gym, and taking on more lead roles in my professional life, I had a bit longer of an offContinue reading “Ramble in the Brambles Trail Race Recap.”

Keep Showing Up: Hachie Marathon Recap.

*Taps mic*…hello, is this thing on?! You guys, I am still around!! And hey…I’ve been dabbling in some races. As a matter of fact, since we’ve last really spoken I’ve done not one, not two, but THREE of them! And I’ve lived to tell you the story. But first, we will be recapping one ofContinue reading “Keep Showing Up: Hachie Marathon Recap.”

What’s in My Gym Bag + Weds Spin Playlist.

I promise I have not abandoned this blog-o-thing haha. You fabulous readers are always and forever on my mind! But I got time today!! I have a spin cycle playlist to share with you today, as well as the return of the fitness instructor GYM BAG! As you all know a lot of my freeContinue reading “What’s in My Gym Bag + Weds Spin Playlist.”

TGIFriday Faves.

TGIF and happy Friday to ya! Hope you guys have had a marvelous week. I know I haven’t been checking in as much but your girl is still around. Just teaching classes at the gym, running, hydrating and doing some behind the scenes TV things. Gotta love that hustle bachelorette life. Let’s get to myContinue reading “TGIFriday Faves.”

Super Bowl and Weds Spin Playlist(s).

Hi, hey and hello there! I do realize it has been off and on with me hitting the blogosphere, but I am here to share some spin cycle playlists with you! PLUS a throwback Super Bowl playlist for those of you doing theme rides going into game day Sunday! Hope you do enjoy!! My (mostlyContinue reading “Super Bowl and Weds Spin Playlist(s).”

TGIFriday Faves.

TGIF, happy Friday and all that jazz! I hope all is well in your world. If you’re anything like me you still have a ton of Christmas shopping to do…YES?! Well I am definitely looking forward to that this weekend…as well as running, brunching and teaching spin class! Let’s get straight to this week’s faves!Continue reading “TGIFriday Faves.”