Brazos Bend 50k Race Recap.

Well, yet another ULTRA run has come and gone and it is time to get my recap on! This past weekend I made the trek down to Brazos Bend State Park for a 50k trail run!! Returning to the trails after doing lots of pavement running is always so soothing to my body, mind andContinue reading “Brazos Bend 50k Race Recap.”

The Remix 50k Race Recap.

It was a tough but beautiful weekend out on the ranch! I’m pretty much hurting this morning after 33+ miles on the trails (+ a near 60 mile running week) but here to recap my comeback race – the REMIX 50k! Yes, a trail race that was the real deal!! I was so excited toContinue reading “The Remix 50k Race Recap.”

Oktoberfest 50k Trail Race Recap.

Hey there! Oh yes, you get not 1 but 2 stinkin’ blog posts today!! Say what?!! As promised I told you all I would deliver with the Oktoberfest 50k race recap. So here it goes! Last Saturday was a fun morning on the trails. Lately I have really been enjoying getting off the beaten pathContinue reading “Oktoberfest 50k Trail Race Recap.”

Cowtown Ultra Marathon Recap.

Happy Leap Day to you! I hope you are having a great Monday so far. This past weekend was full of running, relaxing and fun! I ran the Cowtown 50k on Sunday out in Funkytown…that’s Texas slang for Ft. Worth. Ultra marathon, baby! I am back in the ultra running game and it feels soContinue reading “Cowtown Ultra Marathon Recap.”

Back to Back Long Runs, Stellar Sunrise and Wknd Recap.

YAY! It’s Monday…new week, new opportunities to rock it out. That’s a reason to celebrate just a little bit, right? Right. This morning I taught spin, lifted some weights then went on a nice run around the block. I got to see a pretty stellar sunrise too. Hashtag never miss a Monday. Hope you allContinue reading “Back to Back Long Runs, Stellar Sunrise and Wknd Recap.”

15 Miles, NYE and Wknd Recap.

Hello there! I got the day cranked up teaching a power packed spin session this morning. We did lots of hills, jumps, and sprinted to the finish line with this jam. Good stuff. And of course I had to top it all off with a little Starbucks. Coffee and Michael Kors…Monday essentials for sure. HowContinue reading “15 Miles, NYE and Wknd Recap.”