Currently and Hello October.

Happy October to you! I don’t know about you but there is definitely a change in the air. My 7 mile run was absolutely wonderful with a nice breeze. I almost did not want to stop but you know…I have this thing called a job and someone’s gotta do it. Here are some things thatContinue reading “Currently and Hello October.”

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy first day of fall to you! I’ve got some groovy tunes to kick off this marvelous season. Check out this week’s spin cycle playlist! Let’s go for a ride! Yonce (Electric Bodega Mix)- Beyonce: Warm up Bang Bang- Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj: Jumps SummerThing!- Afrojack feat Mike Taylor: Rolling hills Bands aContinue reading “Weds Spin Playlist.”

Bring on 26.2 and a Fall Bucket List.

7 miles all smiles this morning! My legs are feeling surprisingly good and spunky even after Saturday’s 23 mile run. I am seriously ready to rock some fall races here in the next couple of months. Like a caged animal. Bring on 26.2. Yep yep…that coffee statement is absolutely true. I thought since the bestContinue reading “Bring on 26.2 and a Fall Bucket List.”

Happy September and Turkey Taco Pumpkin Chili.

Happy September to you! Hope it is starting to feel like fall where you are. I hear we are in for somewhat crisper cooler weather next week so I’m definitely counting down the days to running with my hair blowing in the wind. Morning miles…10k plus some hill repeats to celebrate the start of thisContinue reading “Happy September and Turkey Taco Pumpkin Chili.”

Thoughts on the Run, Fall Edition.

-Ahh, the sunrise is so gorgeous this morning…I had better take a pic. -GPS signal ON, ready to go! -Look at all of the fall leaves…lovely. -And the crisp cool air. I have been dying to feel some cooler air on my face! -Summer marathon training is so brutal. -Oppressive even. -Makes fall running thatContinue reading “Thoughts on the Run, Fall Edition.”

2 Weeks, Nothing But Laughs and Wknd Recap.

This Monday morning started off with an energy packed spin class. There’s just something about kicking the week off teaching a spin class that makes me happy. Well that, and coffee. This past weekend was pretty awesome. We had some fall-like weather which made for an amazing run on Saturday morning. My last mile wasContinue reading “2 Weeks, Nothing But Laughs and Wknd Recap.”

Playing Dora the Explorer and Ladies Night Out.

Yet another great morning to run…temps were in the 40s even at 8 am. I set out for a quick 4 miles before work followed up with arms and core work in my living room. It’s finally starting to look and feel like fall in Texas. Leaves are scattered about everywhere. Found this heart leafContinue reading “Playing Dora the Explorer and Ladies Night Out.”

Running, Orange Pumpkins and a Fun Fall Dish…Wknd Recap.

This morning I taught 55 minutes of sweatastic spin class. My Monday crew always represents and works hard! I even had some peeps from my Wednesday night class get up early to come cycle with me this morning. We woke the legs up with some hill repeats and sprint work. Great start to a new week.Continue reading “Running, Orange Pumpkins and a Fun Fall Dish…Wknd Recap.”