I Am a Runner.

Nothing says ‘Good Morning!’ like a nice tall glass of iced coffee. I went to the drive thru of America’s favorite restaurant this morning for my coffee fix. Yep, McDonalds…gasp! OMG did she really just say she went to McDonalds!? I surely did. Want a tip? Order it PLAIN Jane, with no ‘liquid sugar’ andContinue reading “I Am a Runner.”

It’s Only Getting Better.

Yet another great run this morning. Felt good to get up bright and early and knock it out. Temps weren’t too warm and it was very breezy out. I want this weather to stay around just a little bit longer. Triple digit temps stay far far away and let me keep on lovin’ my runs.Continue reading “It’s Only Getting Better.”

Danceaton on Daybreak & a Comeback Race.

Holla holla it’s Friiiday! I hope everyone’s day is getting off to a great start. Mine sure did! I was up bright and early this morning with my dancing shoes on…Danceaton was live on Channel 8’s Daybreak show this morning! So much fun. They filmed us and did short cut-in segments during the news theContinue reading “Danceaton on Daybreak & a Comeback Race.”

Feed Your Spirit & Top 10.

Quite possibly the highlight of my morning run…seeing a palm tree in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I live in Dallas, Texas…AKA nowhere near a beach.   Today I tried a new route. Total detour from the ordinary. I was feeling real Dora the Explorer-ish. Then I realized how incredibly hilly my neighborhood is. ItContinue reading “Feed Your Spirit & Top 10.”

I’m back on the radar & wknd recap.

I know, I have been a little bit off the radar for a few days. But I’m back so that’s what counts, right!? Life has been treating me well, and keeping me fairly busy. My day started off in a typical fashion, with a 4 mile run in my hood. There was a little bit of cloudContinue reading “I’m back on the radar & wknd recap.”

Memorial Day Wknd Recap.

I am back after my short blogging hiatus! I’ve missed you guys. Hope you all had a wonderful long holiday weekend! Let’s get caught up. This weekend stayed fairly busy but still had a nice mix of relaxation. Saturday morning I coached my running group over at Luke’s Locker. We did some drills followed byContinue reading “Memorial Day Wknd Recap.”