Ode to National Running Day.

So, I couldn’t just NOT do a blog post today…because today is like a real holiday in my eyes. Happy National Running Day to all of my awesome running buddies! I hope you all get out at some point today and get your run on. It’s an order. My alarm went off at 4:45 AMContinue reading “Ode to National Running Day.”

Feed Your Spirit & Top 10.

Quite possibly the highlight of my morning run…seeing a palm tree in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I live in Dallas, Texas…AKA nowhere near a beach.   Today I tried a new route. Total detour from the ordinary. I was feeling real Dora the Explorer-ish. Then I realized how incredibly hilly my neighborhood is. ItContinue reading “Feed Your Spirit & Top 10.”

I’m back on the radar & wknd recap.

I know, I have been a little bit off the radar for a few days. But I’m back so that’s what counts, right!? Life has been treating me well, and keeping me fairly busy. My day started off in a typical fashion, with a 4 mile run in my hood. There was a little bit of cloudContinue reading “I’m back on the radar & wknd recap.”

Memorial Day Wknd Recap.

I am back after my short blogging hiatus! I’ve missed you guys. Hope you all had a wonderful long holiday weekend! Let’s get caught up. This weekend stayed fairly busy but still had a nice mix of relaxation. Saturday morning I coached my running group over at Luke’s Locker. We did some drills followed byContinue reading “Memorial Day Wknd Recap.”

Foot candy, yoga and 3 days of freedom.

Happy Friday! It’s pretty much the weekend around these parts! So excited for the 3 days of freedom ahead. Hope you are having a swell day and are kicking off your Friday in a grand fashion. I definitely did. See exhibit A – vanilla soy chai with double espresso shots. If that’s not happiness IContinue reading “Foot candy, yoga and 3 days of freedom.”

Nike Training Club – A Review.

Happy Thursday to you! I hope your week is going well…I am definitely ready for the weekend! This has been a long week but I can say that I have enjoyed switching up my workout routine! I got two quality strength sessions in and mixed in plenty of cardio. This morning was no different. IContinue reading “Nike Training Club – A Review.”