Humid Runs, Divas Half Marathon Ambassador and Some Sweet Deals.

Morning run…8 miles at a 9:30 something pace fighting through humidity! Good thing I have my friends to keep me going…this time last year I was really on the struggle bus with these humid summer runs so I’m glad to see a bit of improvement in my training. Hopefully it will pay off come October.Continue reading “Humid Runs, Divas Half Marathon Ambassador and Some Sweet Deals.”

60 Miles, Cobra 5k and Hottest Half Marathon Recap.

Summer running, brunching and friends…what a marvelous weekend! Let’s recap a bit, shall we? Hope your weekend was fantastic too. I decided to do some back to back long-ish running this weekend (including 2 races!) so I started things off with 10 miles early Saturday. I got a good glimpse of the sunrise before heading outContinue reading “60 Miles, Cobra 5k and Hottest Half Marathon Recap.”

Training Runs on Tap, Too Warm For Sleeves Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.

Well hello there! Hope your Monday is going along great so far. It’s definitely a good day to get your java fix…I’m sitting here sipping on my coffee as I type. Let’s do a quick recap of the weekend! Once again, I had back to back long training runs on tap, gearing up for theContinue reading “Training Runs on Tap, Too Warm For Sleeves Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.”

Foggy Miles and Races Coming Up.

8 miles done this morning in the straight up fog…the roads were nice and quiet though. We have some warmer temps coming in the next day or so…(highs in the 60s today!) so I am looking forward to the sunshine. So I have a few races up my sleeve for 2016! I’m looking forward toContinue reading “Foggy Miles and Races Coming Up.”

Monster Dash Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.

Well hello there! Hope you had an excellent weekend filled with some Halloween-ish fun. I taught my spin class this morning and then rocked out with some strength work. Today is definitely a good day for Mr. Coffee. This past weekend I ran the Monster Dash half marathon out in Ft. Worth! It was aContinue reading “Monster Dash Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.”

The Color Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.

Hey y’all! Yes I said ya’ll…in true Texan fashion. Hope you are having a great Monday! This past weekend I ran The Color Half Marathon out in Cedar Hill, TX! It was a tough day of hill / mountain climbing in the heat but…we made it! Let’s recap the race as well as the weekendContinue reading “The Color Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.”

Hottest Half Marathon Recap.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I got my day started teaching a cycle and strength session with my early morning crew. Doing some upper body work to this track definitely makes the time go by faster! This weekend I ran the Hottest Half Marathon down in Dallas…of course I had to wear something motivatingContinue reading “Hottest Half Marathon Recap.”

Wounded Warrior Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.

Well hey there! How was your weekend? I am just sitting here sipping on some iced coffee after teaching cycle and strength this morning. This week is going to call for some seriously strong java. Let’s recap a little bit of the weekend, shall we? I ran the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon out in LasContinue reading “Wounded Warrior Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.”

Divas Half Marathon Recap.

6 miles of runrise this morning…with a little short lived rain shower mixed in. Gotta love Texas in the springtime. This past weekend I ran the Divas Half Marathon down on Galveston island! What a fun 13.1 it was. My friend Malaika and I took a 4 hour road trip down to south Texas forContinue reading “Divas Half Marathon Recap.”

Spring and Summer Races on Tap.

I was up and at ‘em this morning for a few miles in the hood. Love this pretty green view. Post run concoction…frozen cherries, strawberries and almond milk. Plus a little squeeze of lime because…why not? Makes me feel like I’m on a staycation. Speaking of running…I do have a few races that I planContinue reading “Spring and Summer Races on Tap.”