Joy Snacks…for Your Workout.

I got my morning started moving to the tune of this glorious sunrise! It’s that time of year down in Texas when the mornings are nice and cool, right before the summer heat wave hits us. Soon we are going to be in struggle mode with the summer heat and humidity. Part of me isContinue reading “Joy Snacks…for Your Workout.”

Weds Spin Playlist.

We are back in business this fine Wednesday with a hot new spin cycle playlist! This is for my cycle/fitness instructors and also workout enthusiasts who love high energy music. Check me out on Spotify where I post playlists on a weekly basis! Also check out my schedule to see where I’ll be teaching spinContinue reading “Weds Spin Playlist.”

Taking the LEAP…How to Gain Confidence to Dabble in the Ultra Distance.

As someone who has conquered nearly every ultra distance under the sun…I’ve pretty much done every type of training program. Speed work, cross training, strength & flexibility, track work, high mileage, hill work, oh my. To me there is a method to ultra madness and really all of those things go in the recipe forContinue reading “Taking the LEAP…How to Gain Confidence to Dabble in the Ultra Distance.”

Mental Endurance Tips.

With the pandemic and all of the chaos going on in our world today, it is easy to want to slip into a negative mindset. I am thankful I am one of those ‘sunny disposition’ types who doesn’t get easily deterred by trivial things. However…as I talk to different people (runners, athletes who take myContinue reading “Mental Endurance Tips.”

Real Talk Tuesdays: On Running, Training and Staying in Your Own Lane.

Hey there! So I thought we’d start a little series that I would like to call ‘Real Talk Tuesdays’. Well, for me every day is a real talk kind of day, since this is my little space to rant and talk about training and such. But I always have a few thoughts rolling around inContinue reading “Real Talk Tuesdays: On Running, Training and Staying in Your Own Lane.”

Pinspirations Lately.

Happy December to you! I thought I’d share some of my Pinterest inspirations I’ve been loving as of late. I don’t know about you but I will always and forever be a Pinterest fan. Although I have to say the app itself has undergone some changes lately. There’s just something so therapeutic though about pinning.Continue reading “Pinspirations Lately.”

All About This Lately.

Short and sweet post today. I’ve been all about this lately. Learning to trust myself and my capabilities. To push past my doubts and test my limitations. To become FEARLESS. It’s definitely all a work in progress. But I am learning, finally…to trust my power. I leave you with this quote today. Thank you, Mr.Continue reading “All About This Lately.”

Springtimey Miles and Thursday Motivation.

7 springtimey miles this morning in the Hokas. At the end of my run I caught these beautiful flowers blooming and had to take a shot. I love all of the colors of this season. It was a great run and so good to get outside. A few drizzles of rain but it was nice,Continue reading “Springtimey Miles and Thursday Motivation.”

Sometimes I Just Need a Reminder.

Last night I set out for a quick run after work. Yes, this morning girl moved over to the dark side due to a crazy schedule yesterday. 7 miles of rolling hills. Definitely not easy but hills are speedwork in disguise so I was determined to conquer them in the crazy heat and humidity. ItContinue reading “Sometimes I Just Need a Reminder.”

Get Moving- Wednesday Spin Playlist.

Halfway thru the week! That deserves a celebration of some sort. I taught my spin class this morning and one more tonight after work. Today’s double day playlist… Leggo- B. Smyth feat. 2 Chainz: Warm up For the Rest of My Life- Usher feat. Ludacris & David Guetta: Working up to level 8 resistance, doubleContinue reading “Get Moving- Wednesday Spin Playlist.”