Keep Showing Up: Hachie Marathon Recap.

*Taps mic*…hello, is this thing on?! You guys, I am still around!! And hey…I’ve been dabbling in some races. As a matter of fact, since we’ve last really spoken I’ve done not one, not two, but THREE of them! And I’ve lived to tell you the story. But first, we will be recapping one ofContinue reading “Keep Showing Up: Hachie Marathon Recap.”

Pros and Cons of Downhill Marathons.

There are so many different types of marathon courses these days. As some runners get more serious about their training, whether you are going for a PR (personal record) or want to run Boston (the super bowl of marathons) the option to run a downhill marathon comes into play. There are different types of racesContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Downhill Marathons.”

2019 DanMan Challenge Recap.

So I believe in previous years I have skipped doing a recap on this race (because hey, no time cutoffs, no medal…NO RECOGNITION?!) What can I say, I am a millennial and I like to be recognized from time to time. But since this race has become a staple on my race calendar I figuredContinue reading “2019 DanMan Challenge Recap.”

Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon Recap.

Picture this…you’re running a marathon while surrounded by big, majestic trees…on a canyon…with waterfalls sprinkled throughout. It’s fairly quiet, and everywhere you look just takes your breath away. You’re literally flying down the canyon for miles and miles and your feet just cannot stop going. Sounds incredible, right?! Sounds like simply the most PERFECT raceContinue reading “Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon Recap.”

Personal Running Pet Peeves.

So it is probably something not a lot of people talk about in the realm of running since the sport is really mostly a positive and encouraging one. But I am here to talk about it. Why? Because we can! Runner pet peeves…I am here for it. Allow me to give you a few of mine in no particularContinue reading “Personal Running Pet Peeves.”

7 Ways to Slash an Hour (Or More) Off of Your Marathon Time.

So today I thought we would discuss marathon times and for those of you that are trying to hit some serious time goals, this post is for you! I don’t pretend to be an expert but I wanted to share my experiences with the marathon distance and how I’ve vastly improved in the last fewContinue reading “7 Ways to Slash an Hour (Or More) Off of Your Marathon Time.”

Spring and Summer Races on Tap.

Spring and summer without a doubt are my favorite seasons to train and race some shorter, faster races. So I have a few distances (including a couple of ultras) I plan on tackling within the next few months!! Here are a few items I have on my calendar, so far. –Cowtown 50k – Sunday, FebruaryContinue reading “Spring and Summer Races on Tap.”

Quirky Things Runners Do, Continued.

Runners, we are a quirky bunch…aren’t we? Let’s do a bit of a continuation of some of the quirky things runners do…in no particular order… –Hem and haw about waking up early to run. But hey, someone’s gotta do it. Getting up and out the door is half the battle. –Go out for ‘just 4 miles’Continue reading “Quirky Things Runners Do, Continued.”

Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon 2017 Recap.

Happy Global Running Day!! You guys, this week has been quite the whirlwind. But I am back from my long weekend in beautiful San Diego, California! I almost did not want to come back to Dallas because I was having so much fun. Anyway, let’s recap the marathon a bit, shall we? I flew intoContinue reading “Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon 2017 Recap.”

When It’s Cold Outside…Runners Be Like…

We all know how easy it is to fall into excuses during this time of year. It’s too cold, it’s too windy, there’s snot coming out of my nose (hey just keeping it real), my bed is too warm etc. I found some cold weather running funnies on Pinterest that explain my exact thoughts sometimes.Continue reading “When It’s Cold Outside…Runners Be Like…”