Race Day Pace Day…Cowtown Ultramarathon Recap.

Yes, you are getting not one but two shiny posts from me today. Kind of annoying, right?! Well if you know anything about me you know that I really enjoy recapping races. So, let’s chat about the Cowtown Ultramarathon today…and recap! This was my FIRST TIME ever pacing a 50k race…which was super exciting. LastContinue reading “Race Day Pace Day…Cowtown Ultramarathon Recap.”

Rock n Roll Arizona Marathon Recap.

So, do people even do race recaps anymore? Or do they actually READ them?! Hello…blog reader, are you out there? Well, that is okay, I am an only child and used to talking to myself. So much so, it is quite scary actually. Anyway – let’s do a quick review and recap of the RockContinue reading “Rock n Roll Arizona Marathon Recap.”

2017 BMW Dallas Marathon Recap.

Happiest of Mondays to you! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I ran the BMW Dallas Marathon this past Sunday!! And I have lived to tell you all about it. I’m a tad sore today, but hey I survived. Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we? Although I’ve completed this particular race seriesContinue reading “2017 BMW Dallas Marathon Recap.”

Oktoberfest 50k Trail Race Recap.

Hey there! Oh yes, you get not 1 but 2 stinkin’ blog posts today!! Say what?!! As promised I told you all I would deliver with the Oktoberfest 50k race recap. So here it goes! Last Saturday was a fun morning on the trails. Lately I have really been enjoying getting off the beaten pathContinue reading “Oktoberfest 50k Trail Race Recap.”

2017 Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon Recap.

Hope the sun is shining down your way and you’re having a great Monday! The weather is crazy beautiful in Dallas today. I am loving it! Let’s recap Sunday’s race, shall we? As some of you know I was so thankful to get the opportunity thanks to Brooks to run the Rock n Roll DallasContinue reading “2017 Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon Recap.”

2016 BMW Dallas Marathon Recap.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I sure did. I gave myself an early Christmas present…a fabulous new marathon PR. Let’s discuss, shall we? So the weekend started off pretty mellow. I scaled back the miles last week leading up to Sunday’s race. Friday I did a little shakeout run and then Saturday IContinue reading “2016 BMW Dallas Marathon Recap.”

2016 Marine Corps Marathon Recap.

Well hi there! Sorry for the race recap delay. I am finally back from my Washington DC getaway! Hope all is well in your world. Let’s do a little marathon race recapping, shall we? I had such a marvelous time…so fun getting to see college friends and many friends who I consider more family thanContinue reading “2016 Marine Corps Marathon Recap.”

60 Miles, Cobra 5k and Hottest Half Marathon Recap.

Summer running, brunching and friends…what a marvelous weekend! Let’s recap a bit, shall we? Hope your weekend was fantastic too. I decided to do some back to back long-ish running this weekend (including 2 races!) so I started things off with 10 miles early Saturday. I got a good glimpse of the sunrise before heading outContinue reading “60 Miles, Cobra 5k and Hottest Half Marathon Recap.”

Fossil Valley Trail Relay Recap.

Well hi there! I am back from my long weekend and ready to recap my trail relay adventure! It was a marvelous 9 hours of running with the Irving Running Club crew. And my first overnight trail race! So I ended up a tad sleep deprived but it was (hashtag) so worth it. Since theContinue reading “Fossil Valley Trail Relay Recap.”