Girl on the Go Meals- Scallops with Linguine.

So back in the day y’all, I was always up in the kitchen whipping up all kinds of meals. I am trying to get back to that! As you can imagine training for an ultramarathon takes up a lot of your time and most days I come home WHIPPED. So I am always looking forContinue reading “Girl on the Go Meals- Scallops with Linguine.”

Miles for Breakfast, Sunny Side Up and Quinoa Enchiladas.

Early morning miles for breakfast…sunny side up. Y’all we are supposed to have some crazy warm weather today!! I think temps will get close to 90 degrees. Someone go find me a pool somewhere. Gotta love this view. So today I thought we would take a break from some run talk to talk recipes!! I’veContinue reading “Miles for Breakfast, Sunny Side Up and Quinoa Enchiladas.”

Super Bowl Spin Playlist.

Ahh yes, it is almost that time of year again! We are a few days out from Super Bowl Sunday!! And in honor of that special day (thanks to Steve from For the Ride Inside) I’ve decided to deliver a hot game day spin cycle playlist you will absolutely love. These songs are also greatContinue reading “Super Bowl Spin Playlist.”

Ultrarunner FAQs and a Roasted Chickpeas Recipe.

So as someone who runs ultras (as well as marathons, hey I still have love for my 26.2) there are a lot of random questions I get from time to time. I definitely get these from both runners and non runners! So I’m here to answer some of the most common questions I get fromContinue reading “Ultrarunner FAQs and a Roasted Chickpeas Recipe.”

Weds Spin Playlist and Greek Yogurt Spicy Corn Dip.

So I’ve decided since it’s basically summer and we all love us some poolside snacks I will be featuring some light and tasty recipes along with your weekly spin playlists! Hope you enjoy. And be sure to check out where I’ll be teaching spin cycle next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! Let’s go for aContinue reading “Weds Spin Playlist and Greek Yogurt Spicy Corn Dip.”

Because I Haven’t Forgotten About Spin Playlists This Week and Watermelon Mint Feta Salad.

Ya’ll, I know I have been slacking on the spin playlists lately. So I am bringing them back! Of course with some cycle workouts to go along with it. These songs are all high energy and great for running, spin and whatever other crazy workout you have in mind! Let’s get to it! Enjoy theContinue reading “Because I Haven’t Forgotten About Spin Playlists This Week and Watermelon Mint Feta Salad.”

Friday Eve and Tex Mex Sweet Potatoes.

It’s Friday eve! And definitely a great day to get some miles in. 8.15 for me this morning with coffee time after. Best way to start the workday for sure. So I’ve been doing a Girl on the Go meals series and thought I’d add this favorite to the collection. This one is quick andContinue reading “Friday Eve and Tex Mex Sweet Potatoes.”

10k Thursday and Girl on the Go Meals- Summer Corn, Black Bean & Avocado Salad.

10k solo miles this morning enjoying some much needed sunshine. I’ve been on my grind teaching a bunch of extra spin classes this week so I need the run therapy. Gotta love that fitness instructor life. I feel like I have been busy as a bee lately. But I kind of love it that way.Continue reading “10k Thursday and Girl on the Go Meals- Summer Corn, Black Bean & Avocado Salad.”