FAME Festival Weekend Recap.

It has been a few days since the marvelous weekend but I figured the occasion was well deserving of a recap! Myself and a friend had the pleasure of attending the Fitness Music and Art Experience in Downtown Dallas on the Pegasus Lawn!! It was a day full of incredible activities ranging from dance classesContinue reading “FAME Festival Weekend Recap.”

Random Thoughts Thursday.

–I’m finally settled in to my new place and enjoying my brand new DIGS you guys!! It is a real deal blessing when you are able to manifest a calming environment and just enjoy your surroundings. Feeling at peace with any and everything going on in the life of Chelsea right now. The things thatContinue reading “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

How to Maintain Your Running Fitness During the Off-Season, as told by Oprah.

So I don’t know about you, but during the off season of not racing so much, I like to maintain my overall fitness. Whether that be in the form of doing other workouts or easy runs, I make sure that I keep moving my body so that when it is time to ramp the miles/speedContinue reading “How to Maintain Your Running Fitness During the Off-Season, as told by Oprah.”

Rainy Miles and How to Recover From a Marathon (As Told by Bethenny Frankel).

True to Texas weather in the springtime, we had rain come through early this morning before the sunshine. Just a few light drizzles but it made it nice and cool for an early run with the breakfast club. 7 miles before 7 a.m. is simply the best with friends. So for those of you thatContinue reading “Rainy Miles and How to Recover From a Marathon (As Told by Bethenny Frankel).”

It’s Taper Time and Post Run Yoga.

This morning I helped out a friend and subbed a 5:30 am spin class at the gym. The girl that normally teaches agreed to help me out next week after my marathon so I decided to go ahead and make a little extra pocket change. I stayed off the bike for most of the class (they likeContinue reading “It’s Taper Time and Post Run Yoga.”

Long Run, Sassy in Pink and Recovering Like a Boss…Wknd Recap.

Hola! How was the weekend? Morning workout – Taught 55 minutes of spin this morning. Felt good to get the legs going after a true blue rest day Sunday. Much, much needed. We did this song for some speedy accelerations. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Let’s back it up to Saturday…my weekend started offContinue reading “Long Run, Sassy in Pink and Recovering Like a Boss…Wknd Recap.”

My Favorite Little Lake and On a Mexi Kick.

Last night a line of storms came through so this morning it was nice and cool for my run. 8 miles with lots of cloud cover, 73 degrees and a light breeze but intense humidity. I was drenched by the end. Sure do love this view though…keeps me distracted. My favorite little lake.   IContinue reading “My Favorite Little Lake and On a Mexi Kick.”

R and R Lifesavers.

I typically don’t like to get all preachy schmeachy on ya but I thought I would address the importance of rest and recovery days in your workout week. Typically my true blue REST day each week is Friday, and then sometimes on Sundays since my long runs are always on Saturdays. I think it’s importantContinue reading “R and R Lifesavers.”

Recovery Treats.

My little post marathon recovery treats for this week- Dunking the legs in a super chilly ice bath… Along with some mimosa action… while reading this book. Oldie but goodie. Sipping on some coconut water deliciousness… A mom/daughter post race pizza date… A 90 minute massage tonight with my favorite therapist at this place…bliss. AndContinue reading “Recovery Treats.”