11 Things.

So I thought we’d have a little bit of fun today. My friend Amanda over at Miles Gone By tagged me in her 11 Things post the other day so I thought I would play along. Here’s the rules… The Rules: #1 You must post these rules. #2 Each person must post 11 things aboutContinue reading “11 Things.”

Galveston Marathon Recap.

Well I am finally getting around to writing this review. The past couple of days have been reserved for much needed R & R after a whirlwind adventure in Galveston! Thank you for your kind words and support and encouragement…all of the tweets, blog comments and Facebook notes. I appreciated them all. Eric and IContinue reading “Galveston Marathon Recap.”

Buffalo Chicken Dip & Super Bowl Survival Tips.

Happy Thursday! I hope your day is gearing up to be a good one. Time is ticking by slowly over here…so looking forward to my trip to run the marathon in Galveston this weekend, even if a little rain is expected. I have been keeping my mind distracted and getting much needed rest this week.Continue reading “Buffalo Chicken Dip & Super Bowl Survival Tips.”