Random Thoughts Thursday.

–Sunset miles this week have been my absolute jam. This week post race…I am really enjoying just running for stress relief reasons. After the race I went to a funeral on Monday, so rough start to the week you know. I really am needing some “SANITY MILES” throughout this holiday season. Anyone else on the “sanityContinue reading “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

Perpetual Motion Race Recap.

It has been quite some time since I have recapped a race, yes?! With the PanDEMI Moore and such going on I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus on large crowds and races etc. So I decided I wanted my fall/winter race experience to be a bit more “mom and pop” intimate. A friend ofContinue reading “Perpetual Motion Race Recap.”

Random Thoughts Thursday.

–What a WEEK it has been on the work front! But alas I am squeezing some time to myself in. I’ve been doing some dark runs lately and I enjoy changing it up. Just call me Chelsea “change it up” TheDancingRunner Ross. –I am RACING THIS WEEKEND (say what?!) and I have to say thisContinue reading “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

Beach Vacation Recap, Turkey Day Plans and Wednesday Thoughts.

–I am back from my extended weekend vacation!! And what a fun time it was. So much has been going on with work and personal stuff that this getaway could not have come at a better time. I just needed to run in a beautiful tropical place, see some palm trees and put my feetContinue reading “Beach Vacation Recap, Turkey Day Plans and Wednesday Thoughts.”