Medals Make Great Ornaments, 13.1 and Holiday Fun…Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday! My morning started at 5:45 with some spin cycle action…I taught my early bird party class. We rocked it out to some new tracks. Then of course I got my coffee on. Java in a Starbucks mug makes it feel like you are drinking $8 coffee even though it’s just from the officeContinue reading “Medals Make Great Ornaments, 13.1 and Holiday Fun…Wknd Recap.”

Cycle Party, Black Friday and a Little Running…Wknd Recap.

Hey hey! How was your weekend? Hopefully you are fully recovered from Thanksgiving mania. My holiday was nice and long so I am definitely ready for the work week! This morning I taught my 5:45 am cycle party – they were workin’ it! I have a feeling that might have something to do with allContinue reading “Cycle Party, Black Friday and a Little Running…Wknd Recap.”

Turkey Day Tips.

This morning’s workout – did this awesome strength circuit in my living room w/ weights. Those wall sits are no joke!   Finished it off doing some yoga stretches…the pigeon pose is a great hip opening stretch if you do lots of cardio like spin classes and running. Tonight I will be teaching a cycleContinue reading “Turkey Day Tips.”

Classy and Sassy Wknd Recap.

I hope you all had a lovely, restful weekend! I am so thankful for the free time to unwind and recharge again for the work week. My day started bright and early teaching my Monday morning spinners. I was so happy that my buddy Laura joined us for a sweat session! She ran the Ft.Continue reading “Classy and Sassy Wknd Recap.”

Sweet Sweaty Moments and Holiday Races.

Happy Morning to you! I am sitting here enjoying some oatmeal with a nice dollop of nutella in it. You need this in your life. It’s so good. This morning I taught my early birdie spinners…we worked it out to my new playlist…it was a good time… Speaking of sweat, how awesome are these sweetContinue reading “Sweet Sweaty Moments and Holiday Races.”