Last Double Digit and Confident Colors…Wknd Recap.

I love the energy my Monday spin class brings…they are always happy and talkative for so early in the morning and I am starting to notice everyone has their designated bikes they like to use…so don’t be tardy for the party or else you will not get your bike… Serious business. I love splitting theContinue reading “Last Double Digit and Confident Colors…Wknd Recap.”

22 Miles, Arctic Zero and Other Ramblings…Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend…it was quite chilly around these parts! Temps are dipping down to the 40s and 50s here in Dallas…not that I’m complaining…bring on the hoodies/boots/sitting by the fireside with a cup of hot chocolate kind of weather. Love it! I was in bed at grandma hours last nightContinue reading “22 Miles, Arctic Zero and Other Ramblings…Wknd Recap.”

Confessions and Extra Classy.

My day started bright and early in the office…the gym office that is. Schwinn water bottle, Pearl izumi cycle shoes, and Rock n Roll marathon bag in tow. I taught my 5:45 am spin class and then hopped on the treadmill to knock out a quick run for the day.   Got it all doneContinue reading “Confessions and Extra Classy.”

Great Taco Run Recap.

Just another manic Monday… This morning I was up early to teach my crazy spin class! We worked up a good sweat with lots of resistance, sprints and hills. I even had an instructor come take my class this morning! She also runs marathons and likes to get up early to teach spin classes likeContinue reading “Great Taco Run Recap.”