Weds Spin Playlist.

I thought I’d share a snapshot from this morning’s RUNrise. Simply beautiful…the weather this morning once again was amazing too. I kind of wish I could find a patio and stay outdoors all day long. But I guess someone has to do some work. I’ll be teaching spin cycle after work tonight…it’s my little happyContinue reading “Weds Spin Playlist.”

Birthday RUNrise and Just Checking In.

Just checking in with you today via my cell phone! I am off work today on my birthday (woot woot) & using this day to relax, pamper myself & get some glorious miles in! 8 mile runrise this morning & then I’ll be running around the lake at lunch with friends. I hope to endContinue reading “Birthday RUNrise and Just Checking In.”

Weds Spin Playlist.

I got my day started in a grand fashion enjoying some natural beauty. Oh RUNrise…I never ever really get tired of you. Best way to start your morning right here. Let’s get to this week’s jams! I’ve got a spin playlist you will love this week. I have You Spin Me Right Round to thank forContinue reading “Weds Spin Playlist.”

Friday Faves a Day Early.

Hello friends! It’s my Friday so I’m dancing around the office looking kind of like this. My coworkers already know I’m crazy so they do not mind. Since I’ve got a long weekend ahead of me and will be out bouncing around the streets tomorrow let’s do this week’s favorites a day early! -Crazy beautifulContinue reading “Friday Faves a Day Early.”

Enjoying the Moment and a Coconut Almond Green Smoothie.

This was just about the only thing to get me up and out the door this morning. Just a few miles soaking up the sun and enjoying the moment. Being in the present…yeah not so good at that. But I’m working on it. After the run I did a quick strength/core workout in my livingContinue reading “Enjoying the Moment and a Coconut Almond Green Smoothie.”

Running in Chilly Temps and Making Lists.

Ahh yeah…my kind of running weather right here. 30 degrees this morning…I got in a few miles and the sun came out to play. One of my favorite things is running in chilly temps then coming home to take a scalding hot shower. What can I say…I like extremes. It’s no secret that I loveContinue reading “Running in Chilly Temps and Making Lists.”

Indian Summer and It Just Got Real.

8 miles this morning chasing the sun through the trees…my goodness was it humid! I think we are experiencing a little bit of an Indian summer down here in Texas. But I got it done. I also got in a little bit of strength training this morning. My body was seriously craving it. Planks, squats,Continue reading “Indian Summer and It Just Got Real.”

Running Quiz and My Favorite Distance.

10 miles this morning along my favorite little path…exploring the sights and sounds around me. The sunlight did a little peek a boo through the trees greeting me along the way. Have I ever told you that 10 miles is one of my favorite distances? The HALF might just be my all time fave butContinue reading “Running Quiz and My Favorite Distance.”