Just What I Needed.

I have to admit I have been feeling a little wound up this past week. Work has been hectic and personal life a little bit crazy. I’m working around the clock and putting in extra hours to make ends meet. Sometimes you just need to turn the noises off, step outside and get away fromContinue reading “Just What I Needed.”

TGIFriday Faves.

Just the fact that it’s Friday certainly calls for dancing. This has been a long and crazy week and I’m ready to kick back relax and enjoy the weekend! I have a 10 mile FUN run tomorrow with my running group, followed by brunch and lots of maxin’ and relaxin’! Much needed. Let’s recap myContinue reading “TGIFriday Faves.”

Sunrises in the Fall and Weds Spin Playlist.

After teaching a class this morning I went home, jumped into my running shoes and set out for a run. Easy breezy 4 miles by the lake taking in the view. Best way to start out the day. I do believe that the sunrises in the fall are ten thousand times more beautiful than theContinue reading “Sunrises in the Fall and Weds Spin Playlist.”

Major Motivation Factor and Taper Madness.

Not gonna lie…this was a major motivation factor for my run this morning. My beloved pumpkin spice iced coffee is back. Be prepared to hear about nothing but pumpkin related things for the next couple of months. Just bear with me. I promise I have nothing but good intentions. Started my day with some sanityContinue reading “Major Motivation Factor and Taper Madness.”

5 Day Weekend and a TILT.

Since I’m jet setting out tomorrow I thought I’d check in with you all before my 5 day weekend! Gotta love all those vacation days I’ve been stashing away. I am flying to Houston Friday morning to visit this hottie…should be fun. TGIFriday Faves will have to be pushed up a day so I’m doingContinue reading “5 Day Weekend and a TILT.”

A Crash Course in TX Weather.

Happy Friday Eve! This morning I was up early for a 7 mile run. You know what I was saying a few days ago about the weather being cool, lovely, glorious? So yeah, forget about that. We’re back to spicy temps again with a heat advisory to end the week. This view always makes itContinue reading “A Crash Course in TX Weather.”

Confidence Booster and Mexiquinoa.

I sure have been enjoying my runs this week in the cooler weather! I know it won’t last long. This morning it was a little bit warmer and much like running through a sauna. Close to 80 degrees at 7 am with 70 percent humidity. I was thisclose to getting on the treadmill but decidedContinue reading “Confidence Booster and Mexiquinoa.”

Lights Out and a Runner’s Cocktail.

My Tuesday took off at an interesting pace… Starting with a 7 mile easy run by the lake. Enjoying the views and getting my thoughts ironed out. It was pleasant. After breakfast I headed off to work…only to discover we had a power outage in the building. Lights out on the iMac for half theContinue reading “Lights Out and a Runner’s Cocktail.”

Nice Relief and a Food and Fitness Survey.

I could not have asked for better weather for this morning’s run. 6 miles, 70 degrees, nice breeze. I texted my neighbor Elyse and we were off for a loop. We had a little bit of a cold front come in yesterday so this week in terms of running is looking good. At this pointContinue reading “Nice Relief and a Food and Fitness Survey.”