Monday Mood, Moving Mayhem and Wknd Recap.

Monday mood. Why YES…Phaedra. I would love some coffee. Thank you for asking! Coffee and Mondays go hand in hand…am I right? and yes…I think I am going to get this shirt in every color. Right up my alley. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was quite busy over here! I moved intoContinue reading “Monday Mood, Moving Mayhem and Wknd Recap.”

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hello there! It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. I am so thankful for my running buddies this morning and getting to fellowship with them before the daily grind. These early mornings with them are easily the best part of my day. Plus getting to see the sunrise is an added bonus. Good stuff. WednesdayContinue reading “Weds Spin Playlist.”

Running by the Palm Trees and a Summer List.

I logged a few miles this morning by the pretty palm trees…it’s amazing the things I discover in my ‘hood! Legs are feeling good after running Sunday’s half! I sure am thankful for these strong limbs of mine. I did one of these summer lists last year and since the summer solstice is just around theContinue reading “Running by the Palm Trees and a Summer List.”

14 Miles, Sunset Run and Wknd Recap.

How was the weekend? Is it over already…sheesh, goes by so fast. Ah well. On to Monday! I taught my early bird spin class this morning. We zoned out to this mashup with lots of speedy hill climbs. Good stuff. Let’s backtrack to the weekend…it was without a doubt a lot of fun. I hadContinue reading “14 Miles, Sunset Run and Wknd Recap.”

Back in the Saddle and RnR San Diego Half Recap.

Hello there! Hope you all had an excellent weekend. Mine went by like a whirlwind and was wall to wall fun. This morning I was up a little too early to teach spin after getting in from California last night. We did some speedy intervals, and a few rolling hills. Love Mondays. That class always getsContinue reading “Back in the Saddle and RnR San Diego Half Recap.”

Sunset Run, a Recipe and Change is a Good Thing.

I came home from teaching spin last night and went for a run in the hood. I almost never go running in the evening time so it was a nice little switch up. I got to see a pretty sunset along my route. This morning I was right back up for 6 miles + abs/armsContinue reading “Sunset Run, a Recipe and Change is a Good Thing.”

Sometimes I Just Need a Reminder.

Last night I set out for a quick run after work. Yes, this morning girl moved over to the dark side due to a crazy schedule yesterday. 7 miles of rolling hills. Definitely not easy but hills are speedwork in disguise so I was determined to conquer them in the crazy heat and humidity. ItContinue reading “Sometimes I Just Need a Reminder.”