Super Bowl and Weds Spin Playlist(s).

Hi, hey and hello there! I do realize it has been off and on with me hitting the blogosphere, but I am here to share some spin cycle playlists with you! PLUS a throwback Super Bowl playlist for those of you doing theme rides going into game day Sunday! Hope you do enjoy!! My (mostlyContinue reading “Super Bowl and Weds Spin Playlist(s).”

Super Bowl Spin Playlist.

Ahh yes, it is almost that time of year again! We are a few days out from Super Bowl Sunday!! And in honor of that special day (thanks to Steve from For the Ride Inside) I’ve decided to deliver a hot game day spin cycle playlist you will absolutely love. These songs are also greatContinue reading “Super Bowl Spin Playlist.”

25 Miles, Super Bowl Sunday and Wknd Recap.

Hello and happy Monday to you! It would not be the day after Super Bowl Sunday without a Beyonce gif…right? Right. Hope you had a marvelous weekend and were able to do all of the fun and relaxing things. I ran all the miles…soaked up some sunshine and am more than ready for this 50kContinue reading “25 Miles, Super Bowl Sunday and Wknd Recap.”

10k Thursday and Super Bowl Snack Ideas.

Lovely 10k Thursday today with the Irving Running Club! It sure makes the miles fly by faster at 5:30 am when you have some cool cats to run with. I had to warm up post run with a little java. My hands were quite frozen this morning even with gloves on! Extra hot dark roastContinue reading “10k Thursday and Super Bowl Snack Ideas.”

Morning Yoga, My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial and Wknd Recap.

Hi there! Hope you had one heck of a weekend. This morning I ventured back on over to my favorite yoga studio for a morning vinyasa flow. It was definitely much needed to kick off a busy work week. Let’s backtrack to the weekend! First up…Friday night. A little vino by the fire and aContinue reading “Morning Yoga, My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial and Wknd Recap.”

Oven Fried Goat Cheese and Super Bowl Tips.

Since Super Bowl Sunday is coming up, I thought I would share a recipe with you today. With all of the fun foods there are to partake in during the Super Bowl, I also think it’s important to have some healthy alternatives to your favorite items. Hello oven fried goat cheese! These would make theContinue reading “Oven Fried Goat Cheese and Super Bowl Tips.”