Me, Currently (& Other Day in the Life Musings).

It has been quite a minute since we have actually TRULY caught up….am I right?! Life and such does seem to get in the way lately. I found this awesomely wonderful survey which I believe I copied and did a while ago. However with the ebb and flow of life my responses have definitely changed.Continue reading “Me, Currently (& Other Day in the Life Musings).”

A Random Christmas Survey.

’Tis the season for a random Christmas survey! I enjoy doing these every year as its a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. And hello, we are a WEEK away! Are you done with your shopping yet?! (I am not. But getting there.) So, let’s get started with the holiday hoopla! 1. WhatContinue reading “A Random Christmas Survey.”

Meet the Blogger Questionnaire.

I was able to get in a glorious run this AM with the run club…it was quite chilly I have to say but the day has shaped up to be a beautiful one! 78 degrees practically feels like freakin’ springtime. Thank you Texas and mother nature. So we are getting back to the basics today!Continue reading “Meet the Blogger Questionnaire.”

Running in the Rain and The Blogmopolitan Quiz.

I got in some sweet miles this morning running in the rain. The drizzles came and went and brought in some cooler weather! Thank you, mother nature. We are in dire need of some fall weather down in Texas for sure. So today I thought I’d break away from the normal run talk (well of courseContinue reading “Running in the Rain and The Blogmopolitan Quiz.”

Would You Rather? Running Edition.

I got out this a.m. for some easy solo miles, shaking the legs out before this weekend’s ultra. It felt good to get the cobwebs out of my brain and think about my race strategy while I watched the sunrise. Happy miles indeed. Tonight I will be packing my cooler, filling it with some raceContinue reading “Would You Rather? Running Edition.”

Interesting Morning and a Countdown Survey.

I helped a good friend out and taught her spin class this morning and then went on a little jaunt in the neighborhood. Just enjoying some pretty pink flowers and a nice sky. It was kind of an interesting morning though because a cute little white doggie chased me down the street towards the endContinue reading “Interesting Morning and a Countdown Survey.”

Crazy Group of Runners and a Maniacs Survey.

7 miles to kick off Friday eve this morning. I am so ready for the weekend, no doubt! Bring on pool time, hydrating lots and kicking it with friends. Of course I had to rep the Marathon Maniacs with my fancy headband. Yes, I am a part of that crazy group of runners and IContinue reading “Crazy Group of Runners and a Maniacs Survey.”