Texas Trail Running Fest ~ Race Recap.

Happy JUNE…dear friends and fellow readers! Why don’t we kick off a new week and a new month with yet another race recap. Shall we?! It has been busy around these parts, with nonstop work at my full time job, and picking up extra shifts to help out my fellow instructor friends at the gym.Continue reading “Texas Trail Running Fest ~ Race Recap.”

Ramble in the Brambles Trail Race Recap.

Well we are bringing sexy race recaps back to this here blog-o-thing!! Thanks to those of you who commented and sent good vibes on my last race recap post. With teaching lots of classes at the gym, and taking on more lead roles in my professional life, I had a bit longer of an offContinue reading “Ramble in the Brambles Trail Race Recap.”

Random Thoughts Thursday.

–This week has been quite busy as I scale back the miles in preparation for my next fun run / trail race at Brazos Bend State Park!! As most of you who have been reading a while know, this is where I ran my 2nd 100 mile race some years back. I am thrilled toContinue reading “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

The Remix 50k Race Recap.

It was a tough but beautiful weekend out on the ranch! I’m pretty much hurting this morning after 33+ miles on the trails (+ a near 60 mile running week) but here to recap my comeback race – the REMIX 50k! Yes, a trail race that was the real deal!! I was so excited toContinue reading “The Remix 50k Race Recap.”

El Taco Loco 100k Race Recap.

Well what weekend it was! I am back to give you all the deets on my ULTRA race weekend – running El Taco Loco 100k. This race for me was quite the test as well as a benchmark for my upcoming 100 miler, the Loup Garou trail run. Let’s see how everything went down!! CanContinue reading “El Taco Loco 100k Race Recap.”

Habanero 50k Race Recap.

Hey there! I am BACK from a long race weekend!! And of course here to recap some of the fun in the HOT Texas sun. I ran the Habanero 50k down in the Houston area!! Yes, it was as hot and as humid as it sounds. Let me take you along for the journey andContinue reading “Habanero 50k Race Recap.”

2019 DanMan Challenge Recap.

So I believe in previous years I have skipped doing a recap on this race (because hey, no time cutoffs, no medal…NO RECOGNITION?!) What can I say, I am a millennial and I like to be recognized from time to time. But since this race has become a staple on my race calendar I figuredContinue reading “2019 DanMan Challenge Recap.”

Ways to Feed Your Wild (Running) Side.

So, runners. We tend to be TYPE A people. Always chasing after those PRs, that BQ. Trying to be your best. Be the fastest. Top the Strava leaderboards. Chasing the next challenge. And those goals are amazing to have. Sometimes, I do feel like I’ve done it all. 100 miler? Check. Sub 4 marathon? Check.Continue reading “Ways to Feed Your Wild (Running) Side.”