Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! Hope you had a good weekend. Today is fairly busy on the work side but I thought I’d check in with last week’s ultra run training!! I was able to get in a total of 93.8 miles last week. Let’s do a quick recap! Monday AM- 10.11 miles in the ‘hood. Feels goodContinue reading “Weekly Running Report.”

8 Things No One Tells You About Ultra Running.

Running is such a glorious sport and even after many years I still feel like a student learning something new every day along my journey. But today, we are going to delve into ultra running a bit and discuss a few things no one really tells you before you start exploring distances beyond 26.2! SoContinue reading “8 Things No One Tells You About Ultra Running.”

4 Things to Expect at Trail Races.

I don’t know about you, but as mostly a road racer (so much so that my trail buddies actually call me ‘roadie’) it can be refreshing sometimes to get off the beaten path and do a trail race. Here are just a few things to expect when you are racing in the dirt. 1. AwesomeContinue reading “4 Things to Expect at Trail Races.”

Fossil Valley Trail Relay Recap.

Well hi there! I am back from my long weekend and ready to recap my trail relay adventure! It was a marvelous 9 hours of running with the Irving Running Club crew. And my first overnight trail race! So I ended up a tad sleep deprived but it was (hashtag) so worth it. Since theContinue reading “Fossil Valley Trail Relay Recap.”

It’s Just Therapy and Trail Running Essentials.

Today was just kind of one of those mornings…that I needed a run for my soul. Do you know what I mean? Awesome miles with the gang getting it in. It’s always a good day when you can get in 7 miles before 7 a.m. Speaking of running for my soul…lately my soul has beenContinue reading “It’s Just Therapy and Trail Running Essentials.”

14 Miles, Nature Lovin’ and Wknd Recap.

Hey there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun. Mine was quite marvelous. Nature lovin’, fun times with good buds and galavanting around on the trails. Let’s do a little bit of recappin’! Saturday was a good morning for a long run. I had a 14 miler on tap…getting ready to ramp things upContinue reading “14 Miles, Nature Lovin’ and Wknd Recap.”

Cedar Ridge Preserve, Poolside and Wknd Recap.

Long running, pool time and fun with friends = one awesome weekend! Hope you had a great weekend as well! Of course I had to capture the RUNrise action. Let’s do a quick recap! Saturday I did a pretty HOT run with my Irving Running Club crew. A couple of us had 12 miles on tapContinue reading “Cedar Ridge Preserve, Poolside and Wknd Recap.”