Weekly Running Report.

Hi, hey and hello there! Hope your week is off to a smashing start. I am here to share some of last week’s running workouts with you! Brazos Bend 100 is right around the corner and I could not be more pumped up. Let’s recap and see how last week went down. Monday- 7.20 milesContinue reading “Weekly Running Report.”

Possums Revenge 56k Trail Race Recap.

Hi, hey and hello! What a marvelous weekend it was. I am here to recap some ULTRA trail racing!! Saturday I ran the Possums Revenge 56k (roughly 34.8 miles- I know right, odd distance but I love it!!) at Possum Kingdom Lake. Let’s review and see how it all went down! First of all, IContinue reading “Possums Revenge 56k Trail Race Recap.”

Weekly Running Report.

Hello there and happy Monday! It is a beautiful day in the ‘hood and I’m here to recap some of last week’s running workouts with you! I was able to get in over 77 miles total last week. Which included a massive ultra race on Saturday!!! Recap for that to follow. Let’s review! Monday AM-Continue reading “Weekly Running Report.”

Weekly Running Report.

Hi, hey and hello! Happy Monday to ya! Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. I’m just sitting over here tracking some friends at the Boston Marathon & also recapping some weekly miles! I was able to get in 87.9 miles last week – highest weekly mileage in some months (!!) so I wasContinue reading “Weekly Running Report.”

How to Balance Ultramarathon Training with Life.

So I’ve written a post about finding a balance when you are training for a marathon (which can be a task in itself) but what about when you are training for an ULTRAmarathon? It can be tough to try and increase your workouts and/or your mileage with a busy career and social schedule. BUT asContinue reading “How to Balance Ultramarathon Training with Life.”

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope you had an excellent weekend and that you have an even better work week this week!! I am here to recap some running – I was fortunate to be able to get in just over 80 miles total! YES…ultra training for the Hachie 50 miler is going smooth so far.Continue reading “Weekly Running Report.”

My Love Letter to Running.

Dear Running, I remember the day that we met. I went to the gym after a long, grueling shift working in the newsroom. Mostly for me, the gym was my happy place of sorts. Work was always stressful (as you can imagine, working behind the scenes for local tv with breaking news and such) andContinue reading “My Love Letter to Running.”