Dallas to Cowtown 33 Mile Run Recap.

Hi there and HAPPY 2019! Hope you had an incredible weekend and celebrated the new year doing some fun things. Today I figured we would do a RECAP from my fun long weekend of running!! Something I like to do every year is a big run across my town with some of my ultrarunning friends!Continue reading “Dallas to Cowtown 33 Mile Run Recap.”

Brazos Bend 100 Mile Recap.

Hey ya’ll- I’m back from Brazos Bend 100! That’s right, I have lived and survived another ULTRA race. My experience was definitely one with a lot of ups and downs but absolutely incredible and I’m super eager to share it with you! Let’s backtrack a bit to the night before. I arrived to Brazos BendContinue reading “Brazos Bend 100 Mile Recap.”

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello! Lots of randomness to discuss today…non running as well as running related! So, let’s get straight to the point… –I am starting to get a little nervous/anxious/excited about BB100. I think it will be a trail party extravaganza though and also a tad rainy as there is a little rain in the forecast. ButContinue reading “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Today is another random episode of random thoughts Thursday! This is the day where I share all of my random rants and confessions with all of you. Because sometimes I like to be a totally open book. I’m not always like that but I guess this can be a great form of therapy, yes!? SoContinue reading “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

Best and Worst…Racing Edition.

Sure, we all love to talk about our BEST races, or personal records and such. Because let’s be honest that is the world that we live in. The ultimate of highlight reels all day everyday! But, I am here to share not only my best, but my not so great racing experiences in ALL distances today! Just because we can. Let’sContinue reading “Best and Worst…Racing Edition.”

Great Ways to Fuel and Power Through Your Long Runs.

So I was having a conversation with one of my running buddies on the run this morning and he was asking me “so how do you FUEL for something like a 50 mile race?” It is honestly a question I get on a consistent basis especially when we are talking about ultras. So, I am here to share some of my best keptContinue reading “Great Ways to Fuel and Power Through Your Long Runs.”