Weds Spin Playlist(s).

Hi, hey hello and happiest of hump days to ya! Hope your week is going great. I’ve got not one but TWO spin cycle playlists for your eardrums today!! It has been a busy summer thus far but your girl is hustling hard, racking miles and making that money honey! So very thankful for that.Continue reading “Weds Spin Playlist(s).”

Weds Spin Playlist.

I’ve got a hot spin cycle playlist for your moving and grooving pleasure today!! Oldies, goodies and of course some hot new tracks. Enjoy! Find me on Spotify and see where I’ll be on a bike teaching next here. Upcoming sub dates also below!! I’m ‘on tour’ teaching ALL OVER THE PLACE thru the summer.Continue reading “Weds Spin Playlist.”

Weds Spin Playlist.

Well it has been quite the week already, hasn’t it?! We could all certainly use a little musical/workout therapy. I’ve got just the thing for ya. Plus a workout for my fellow instructors! Let’s get to it. My current schedule is up, plus you can follow me on Spotify! I’ll be teaching during the holidayContinue reading “Weds Spin Playlist.”

More Confessions of a Cycle Instructor and Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day to ya! Hope you have mid week fun in store. It is a great day to share some spin cycle jams!! I’ve got some brand new songs mixed with a few throwbacks. But first I thought I would share some confessions…a continuation of sorts! Having a side hustle as a fitness instructorContinue reading “More Confessions of a Cycle Instructor and Weds Spin Playlist.”

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there instructors and spin cycle enthusiasts!! It’s time for your weekly dose of spin cycle jams. Check my updated teaching schedule to see where I’ll be next and follow me on Spotify! Let’s go for a ride! Mood Ring- Britney Spears, Ape Drums: Warm up HOT DRUM- JOYRYDE: Accelerations What’s Love Got to DoContinue reading “Weds Spin Playlist.”