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7 thoughts on “Contact me!

  1. I have been reading through and enjoying your blog, and noticed that your blog is focused on healthy lifestyles. I work with a Texas based nonprofit whose mission is to educate and motivate people toward healthier and more active lifestyles, free from preventable diseases. I think your readers may be the type of folks who are interested in participating in our charity fitness challenges and wondered if you agreed.

    In fact, we just launched our Marathon in a Month event on Oct 1. It is a challenge to complete 26.2 or 50 miles across the month of October. This is one of two online charity fitness challenges we do each year. Million Mile Month ( is our flagship event where folks across the globe work to reach 1 million miles of physical activity together across April.

    If you think your readers would find it of interest, we would be honored to have you share information on our Marathon in a Month event that is going on from now through Oct 31st. The reaction from our current registrants has been fantastic and we are looking to impact the health and lives of people across the world.

    Would it be ok if I sent over a short blurb of info on the Marathon in a Month event and a logo for you to check out and share if you see fit?
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog, I enjoyed reading it. I noticed you have the old NTC workouts which I loved and don’t enjoy the new format in the new NTC. Do you have any more of the old workouts you can share with me directly via email?

    Thanks in advance!

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