Weds Spin Playlist.

I am back with the latest and greatest in spin cycle playlists this week! Do not fret. Your girl is still around!! Just crazy BUSY with my crazy life but you know what? I just love it that way. My friends that know me well know that’s just the way I roll. Busy fun filled life hustling and making money moves = HAPPY CHELSEA. Doing my Chelsea thing.

Check out where I am teaching spin cycle next if you are local! Lots of opportunities to drop in to class and my holiday schedule is filling up quite nicely.

Also let’s be friends on Spotify!

Let’s go for a ride!

Bollywood Bounce- Keys N Krates: Warm up
If I Was You (OMG)- Far East Movement- Standing run
Drag Me Out- Kah Lo: Accelerations
Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)- Pitbull: Tapbacks
Feels- Jax Jones: Pushups
Lights- Ellie Goulding: Rolling hills
Me & U (Remix)- Cassie: Climb
I Like That- Houston, Chingy, Nate Dogg: High Lows
Head & Heart- Joel Corry: Rolling hills
Jiggle It- Young Leek: Sprints
Jai Ho- AR Rahman. Pussycat Dols: Pushups/Tapbacks
Sweat- Casely: Climb
Stir Fry- Migos: Sprints
Sugar- Moon Boots: Climb
Senorita- Justin Timberlake: Cool down

Feel free to share what you are grooving to this week!

Weds Spin Playlist.

We are back in business this fine Wednesday with a hot new spin cycle playlist! This is for my cycle/fitness instructors and also workout enthusiasts who love high energy music. Check me out on Spotify where I post playlists on a weekly basis!

Also check out my schedule to see where I’ll be teaching spin cycle class next in DFW!

Let’s go for a ride…

Pump It Louder- Tiesto, Black Eyed Peas: Warm up
The Way You Move- Outkast, Sleepy Brown: High Low/Tapbacks
BaDinga- DJ Sliink: Accelerations
Rock With You- Janet Jackson: Rolling hills
Ooooh- CID: Accelerations
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See- Busta Rhymes: Jumps
Let Me Clear My Throat- DJ Kool: Climb
Peanut Butter Jelly- Galantis: Jumps on a hill
Unholy- Sam Smith, Kim Petras: Pushups
It Takes Two- Rob Base: Rolling hills
Love Tonight- Shouse: Sprints
We Make It Bounce- Dillon Francis: Tapbacks
Motivate- Jeremiah Asiamah: Sprints
Poison- Phil N Good, BBD: Climb
Tints- Anderson Paak, Kendrick Lamar: Cool down

Feel free to share what you are loving/moving and grooving to this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I have to say life has just been a whirlwind of a time! But not to worry, running and workout friends. I am still here with the randomness and to sprinkle a little love into your day.

I am still posting spin cycle playlists on Spotify! So if you have missed me posting on my blog-o-thing head on over there to see the latest and greatest. I’m kind of obsessed with this Rise & Ride & Vibes playlist. I was IN BED on Monday night and literally had a random streak of creative energy and whipped it up in 5 minutes. Still got it.

I still BARELY have any time to watch tv but as of late I’ve kind of been in love with Hollywood Houselift on FreeVee. I know I am late. Anyone else? IDC Jeff Lewis is kind of my spirit animal. What can I say. His facial expressions are always everything.

Life has been crazy mostly on the work front due to us launching our Spanish network. Hashtag tv producer life. I’ve also been playing all the Pitbull songs in my classes. HA. Coincidence? I definitely think not.

Writing more promos lately = diffusing more essential oils to combat the stress at my desk.

The weather in Texas in the mornings has just been kind of amazing as well as the sunrises. Perfect time of year for some miles and smiles. Love me an October sky.

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods in the mornings lately?
50s and 60s are kind of my favorite.

FAME Festival Weekend Recap.

It has been a few days since the marvelous weekend but I figured the occasion was well deserving of a recap! Myself and a friend had the pleasure of attending the Fitness Music and Art Experience in Downtown Dallas on the Pegasus Lawn!! It was a day full of incredible activities ranging from dance classes to HITT training and even spin cycling! So right up my alley.

An all day – palooza working out and sweating with basically no breaks?! Ultra endurance athletes paradise.

Some of you may remember when I was a part of the Dallas Fitness Ambassador’s group that began long long ago. I mean what truly started as a local thing has really expanded and made a name for itself!

The same girl is the owner of this group which I thought was super cool! She has grown and expanded her influencer business which is a joy to see. And quite inspirational. I love when different fitness communities are able to come together and truly make a difference for the greater good.


Fun group of ladies right there.

The day started off with relaxing/gentle yoga and progressed to the harder workouts throughout the day ending with back to back spin classes sponsored by CycleBar. I also loved that they incorporated pilates and we got some great core work in.

One of my bestest buds was there with me and she has a background as a competitive dancer so she really enjoyed those workouts too and even was able to get her dance on.

They also had a TON of recovery stations throughout the day which included my faves, Normatec and local Cryotherapy! I actually found the Cryotherapy to be super helpful to my tired feet, from teaching so many classes the gym lately.

They also had a station where we could do sparkles / art and gems for the body and face! It was cool see peeps get creative with it. I had to go get a re-do because of course they were pretty easy to sweat off.

We took mini breaks throughout the day to rehydrate and refresh and then it was time for silent disco SPIN cycle in the evening! I really loved rocking out on my headphones while on the bike.

Overall this event was SO FUN, unique & something different from your usual humdrum marathon or race! I would absolutely do this again and am already looking into it next year.

It was cool to even see people come in from out of town for it and really make a vacation and or/staycation out of it.

How was your weekend?! Did you do something unique/fun/out of your usual?! Are you excited about fall weather?
I did get a cooler run in before going to the festival and it was lovely. I even saw the leaves starting to change just a bit.

Me, Currently (& Other Day in the Life Musings).

It has been quite a minute since we have actually TRULY caught up….am I right?! Life and such does seem to get in the way lately. I found this awesomely wonderful survey which I believe I copied and did a while ago. However with the ebb and flow of life my responses have definitely changed. So, grab a cup of coffee (or vino…hey depending on what time it is) and – let’s catch up.

What did you eat for breakfast? Grande Americano with a splash of white mocha and a banana. Breakfast of champions.
How much water do you drink a day? I carry around this baby and tend to fill it up a few times a day at the office. It forces me to actually GET UP and move around so I’m not sitting still for long. Also…hey free advertisement for Life Time. I tend to try and promote my side hustle as much as I can.

What is your favorite workout? Well you know I have a few. Some of them include running, cycling, and yoga. YOGA has been my love as of late. Gotta stretch those hamstrings and old lady runners joints.

What are your favorite healthy snacks? LATELY…edamame has been rocking my world! I also just love easy access things that I can grab right before I teach a class at the gym…string cheese, a handful of almonds, fruit.
What is a typical lunch? Some sort of protein source (chicken/tuna) rice and veggies. I also love quinoa. Or just a combo of fresh eats in a skillet or bowl will do. Put some quinoa on a juicy salad and add olives and feta and I am a happy gal.

Favorite body part to strength train? My arms and quads.
Least favorite part? Calves. I think because I already have CRAZY STRONG calves they get sore easily (and I need them for spin cycle class)
What are your “bad” food cravings?
Chocolate. Especially during that time of the month…I can absolutely eat mounds of it. Especially milk chocolate. ALSO. Queso blanco. Extreme weakness for sure.
Do you take vitamins or supplements?
My two absolute GO TOs as of late- D3 and B12. Keeps me going throughout the day especially when I have to teach a spin class in the morning.

How often do you eat out? Lately more than I would care to admit. I do however have a few “clean” go to spots and I love browsing places like Sprouts (local farmers market) and Whole Foods.
Do you have a gym membership? Yes…as instructors we get a free all access VIP pass to all clubs across the globe. Which is pretty freaking dope if you think about it considering how amazing LT is. What can I say? Hashtag blessed.
How many hours of sleep do you get at night? Lately….it has been 6-8. Well…I will say I slept close to TEN last night. Mondays with the early 4 am wake up call to teach spin class is a 14 hour day. Gotta love the bachelorette / working 2 jobs life. The good thing is with being an early riser is I do get tired and unlike most of my friends – I LOVE MY SLEEP and grandma life.
Do you have a “cheat day”? Not one where I go ‘all out’ –I’m not obsessive as some when it comes to food. I’d say my appetite is pretty balanced. Eat when I’m hangry….stop when full. Life goes on.
Do you drink alcohol? Yes. Wine is my vice of choice for sure.
Do you have workout buddies?! Yes…I surely do. I see them quite often when I teach classes and when I also do group type workouts.

What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle? I would say absolutely the perks of being a fitness instructor. Especially when it comes to recovering like a boss. Hydromassage…Normatec…eucalyptus steam room…rinse and repeat.

What was the last healthy thing you did? Taught a spin class and popped a D3. Cheers to life, love and a strong immune system.

Your turn!

What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle?

What do you usually eat for lunch?

Fave workout lately?! (I know my predictable runner readers will say ‘I just like to run…running is my favorite’) haha. Surprise me. 

Weds Spin Playlist(s).

It’s hump day and you know what that means – I’ve dropped not ONE but TWO power packed spin cycle playlists!! I’ve also updated my schedule so come check out a class if you are local!

Let’s go for a ride!

Let Me Love You- Baauer: Warm up
Erase- The Chainsmokers: Accelerations
Her- Meg Thee Stallion: Rolling hills
More Than You Know- Axwell Ingrosso: Tapbacks
Obsessed- Tiesto Remix: Rolling hills
I Wanna Know- RL Grime: Climb
Tell Me (Drop It Remix)- Groove Theory: Jumps
Don’t Stop the Party- Pitbull: Sprints
My My My- Throttle Remix: Climb
Workin’ Day and Night- Michael Jackson: Sprints
Acapulco- Jason Derulo: Active recovery
Power- Kanye West: Climb
Dance Like a Freak- DJ Class: Seated/standing run
Dose- Ciara: Accelerations
Taki Taki- Selena Gomez: Rolling hills
Trouble- Jumps on a hill
Bourbon- Gallant: Cool down

Like Gold- Loud Luxury: Warm up
ENERGY- Beyonce, Beam: Standing run
Follow The Leader- Wisin & Yandel: Sprints
Goddess- Krewella: Rolling hills
JUMP- Ciara, Coast Contra: Jumps
World Hold On- Bob Sinclair: Rolling hills
On To the Next One- Jay-Z: Accelerations
Gecko- Oliver Heldens, Becky Hill: Climb
Move Your Body- Ownboss: Accelerations
Billie Ellish- Armani White: Active recovery
Keep Up the Pace- Stonebank: Standing run
Sock It To Me- LAYA: Tapbacks
Tounge Tied- Mahalo: Climb
Oohla Oohla- Tiesto, Lucas & Steve: Seated/standing run
Damaged- Danity Kane, Global Factory Radio: Climb
Drag Me Out- Kah Lo: Jumps on a hill
Follow Me- Wiwek: Climb
Problem- Ariana Remix: Sprints
Cruisin- D’Angelo: Cool down

Feel free to share what you’re moving and grooving to this week!

Weds Spin Playlist(s).

Hey there and happiest of hump days to you! Hope you have some fun plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend!! It has been a while so I have not ONE but TWO spin cycle playlists for my fellow instructors today. Hope you enjoy!

And if you are local come check out a class! I’ll be teaching during the holiday and you can check out my updated schedule HERE .

Let’s go for a ride!

Run it Up- King Flexx: Warm up
Melanin- Michael Brun, Kah-Lo: Accelerations
Hit the Lights- Jay Sean, Lil Wayne: Tapbacks
Revolution- Diplo: Jumps
Starstruck- Lady Gaga: Rolling hills
Don’t – Ed Sheeran, Don Diablo: Seated/standing run
I Cry- Flo Rida: Climb
Satisfaction- Benny Benassi, David Guetta: Tapbacks
In Common- Alicia Keys, Kaskade: Rolling hills
Chained to the Starboy- Shakespeare: Sprints
The City is Mine- Jay-Z: Active recovery
Off Of My Mind- Icona Pop: Sprints
As Your Friend- Chris Brown, Afrojack: Climb
Louder- Henry Fong: Jumps on a hill
You- Janet Jackson: Climb
Tambourine- Eve: Standing run
Pressure- Retrovision: Accelerations
Wisdom- Silo: Cool down

Good Morning Gorgeous- Mastiksoul, Mary J Blige: Warm up
Now and Later- Sage the Gemini: Standing run
Poke it Out- Wale: Rolling hills
Don’t Leave Me Alone- David Guetta: Tapbacks
Ferrari- James Hype, Oliver Heldens: Sprints
Janet- Meanz of Operation: Rolling hills
Grapevine- Tujamo: Tpabacks
Green Light- Beyonce: Climb
Boo’d Up- Jersey Mix: Accelerations
Get it Shawty- Lloyd: Climb
How Deep is Your Love- David Guetta: Tapbacks/Jumps
Levels Nick Jonas, Jump Smokers: Climb
Lisztomania- Alex Metric: Rolling hills
Drop It- Trevor Jackson: Seated/standing run
Nice for What- DJ Lilman, Drake: Sprints
Simmer- Mahalia: Cool down

Feel free to share what workout/running/spin cycling jams you are loving lately!

TGIFriday Faves.

It is finally Friday around these parts! I don’t know about you but this hustla is ready for some down time this weekend! Actually I do have to teach a class this weekend, and hopefully squeeze some running in. But it will without a doubt be a great weekend enjoying some good people and some sunshine.

Let’s get straight to my faves from this week!

Moonchild is still tapping into my inner bliss. And yes it is played during just about every spin cycle class cooldown lately. UPDATED PLAYLISTS here if you have been missing ‘em. I know my cycle instructor followers call me out if I do not post (publicly and privately ha)



FALL TEA IS BACK, Y’ALL. And I am simply obsessed with the Spiced Chai from Trader Joe’s. If you don’t know then now you know.

How to score free or discounted coffee from your favorite shops. The CUPS app is sounding pretty neat.

5 ways reducing inflammation can make you a better athlete. I can dig it.

Then finally, your Friday funny.

Make it a great day! And weekend too.

Feel free to share what your faves were from this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday to ya. I do not know about you but I am more than ready for some sunshine this weekend. It has been quite gloomy around these parts and now the sun is bright and coming out. Plus it has cooled down just an EENSY bit. Hey…temps in the 70s and 80s in the early mornings in August. Cannot complain one bit.

Your girl is still loving and embracing this season of expanding my fitness career and teaching all of the classes at the gym. I just love me some EARLY MORNING GYM ENERGY and seeing all of those hot bods happily get after it so early in the A.M. What can I say…I do like me some hot gym people. Gym bodies > marathon runner bodies. Let’s be real…ha. Actually you know what I am a hybrid so I do like both.

Speaking of races…I do have this for fun one on my calendar. THANK YOU ASH WALSH for the free entry, my race goddess angel friend. And I’ve decided I may do a few longer runs now that it is FINALLY freaking cooling off. I’ve been doing more speed work and sprints on the spin bike and less posting on Strava so it should be great time.

Definitely looking forward to adding to my trail and ultra race list. Love that I still have that LIL TROPHY next to my name. Hashtag still got it and I know it.

Has anyone been getting into any pumpkin flavored foods lately? Or flavored coffees?! Tell me about all of your finds if you have them…yes we are talking the fall talk in August…just because we can.

Feel free to share any randomness from your week! Rants…happy things…I love ‘em all.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happiest of Fridays to you! Hope you have some fun in the sun planned for the weekend! I am so very ready to just have some much needed free time to let my hair down and such. Gotta love working two jobs and wearing yourself out! In the best way possible.

Let’s get straight to my faves from this week!

The tennis ball effect!! I’m definitely trying this one on my next run.

Add this threshold workout to any training plan. OH YES.

I’ve been thinking about this ramen cabbage salad ever since I saw it. Needs to happen STAT.

Reminiscing on the Habanero Hundred for all of my trails buds rocking it this weekend. Have a good one and STAY HYDRATED MY FRIENDS down in South Texas!

And there you have it!

Feel free to share some of your faves from this week!