TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to ya! Hopefully you have some fun weekend plans in store. I plan on hitting up some hot yoga, squeezing a run in and perhaps exploring some spring festivals!! This is my favorite time of year to be outside exploring outdoor markets and such. Plus I have a move on the horizon. Lots of new experiences headed my way and ready for this new chapter in a brand new place.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Why (and how) to take a recovery week. As a part time fitness instructor with a full time career some days I find it hard to chill out and breathe. But burning out hard and fast will happen if you don’t. TAMING THE GUILT MONSTER. Good stuff there.

Back on my Normatec game – apparently they have a compression contraption for your HIPS too?! I’ll be trying that soon and very soon. Love my free instructor perks.

Fitness instructor red flags. For my fellow instructors…it is sometimes very easy to lose sight of some of these things especially if you have been teaching classes for a very long time. One thing I do love doing is engaging with peeps before and after class. I also love seeing people pumped up and “dancing on the bike” haha.

10 delicious smoothie ingredients to boost your longevity.

And try my ‘RUNNER’S PINA COLADA’ while you’re at it. Thank me later.

And that is all for this week! Enjoy your Friday.

Feel free to rant/rave about your week! Looking fwd to any festivals this weekend?!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well I am back and celebrating a glorious birthday week! I’ve still been in recovery and restoration mode after my last ultra race. So taking time off from work this week could not have come at a better time. Cheers to good times with friends and family. Plus beautiful patio weather down in Texas in the spring time.

For those of you who have been keeping up – the wonderful race directors over at the Hachie 50 miler so graciously let me defer my race entry to next year!! I ended up having some personal life stress things that I desperately needed to tend to. So everything really worked out in my favor and I am so glad I will get to run Hachie FOR FREE next year. They even sent me a shirt in the mail.

We make plans sometimes, and often times God laughs. I am so thankful as I get older I have learned to truly roll with the punches of life. And really be at peace with the decisions that I make regardless of how it looks but how things truly benefit me and make me feel. Races will always be there…and some days you just have to let go…and let flow.

I really go through chapters of my life with running, and I see ultras as a really personal thing as opposed to something I do to be uber competitive with others. I truly come out of running a lot of these races with a lot of introspection about myself and that in itself can be a beautiful thing.

I am glad I got to run this 50k and then this 50k trail race right after. 2022 has been a great year of racing comebacks for me. And teaching lots of classes at Life Time. I am just happy I am still able to do all of the things I love without injury and do them quite well.

The birthday staycation was fun though this year. I got to have my drink with my umbrella in it and cherries on top. Family and friends and good times were had with the people I adore most.

I do think another mini vacation is due in the yellow Jeep! I may have to make another trip down to the beach or some fun Texas destinations. Maybe I’ll throw another trail race in there at some point.

Feel free to rant/rave/share how your week is going?
We are so close to the weekend I can taste it. I think we will have some good running weather too.

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy EARTH DAY Friday to ya!! To celebrate I figured I would post a shot of one of my most favorite RUNrise destinations. A Hawaiian sunrise is all anyone really needs in life. Gotta get back there soon.

Let’s get to my faves from this week!!

A reset ritual to come back to focus. I am forever a fan of what I like to call ‘taking a DB’ (deep breath) whenever the situation allows for it. Deep breath, relax, come back to center, get back to work. Rinse and REPEAT.

7 daily rituals for healthy eating. Setting your intentions. Oh so important.

Protein bars! The good, the bad and the ugly.

Just taking time out for some ‘Chelsea Time’ more lately…learning to embrace every moment. Love myself. Kick my feet up. That’s what life is really all about.

Embracing all of life’s moments…going into another season and thankful to see another birthday this upcoming week.

Have a good one!!

What’s on your mind this Friday?! Feel free to share your gratitude or your rants. I like ‘em all.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It has been a steamy humid week down in Texas! Thankfully I was able to capture this sunset last night. The sky finally showed its colors after being gloomy all week long. Welcome to springtime in Texas. Humidity central.

I’ve been doing all of the preventative / self care things leading up to my next race…the Hachie 50 miler! Since I’ve been doing so many ultras back to back…basically all I’ve had time to do is taper for the next race…and then the next race after that! Just happy that my body still puts up with the pain train after years of so much racing. Thank you, baby Jesus for a happy and healthy body and immune system.

As most of you know who have been reading a while I have a birthday coming up but I celebrate ALL MONTH LONG. So yes…April has been the month of pampering bliss. Thankful for the free HYDROMASSAGES we instructors get at the gym. I’ve been going to one of the latest Life Time gyms that just opened and taking advantage of all of the amazing amenities.

I absolutely loved going to the beach to just kick it after the Brazos Bend 50k. And I firmly believe ALL RACES need to have a beach within at a 50 mile radius so you can parlay and put your feet in the sand. A beach + palm trees + wind in my hair = happy Chelsea.

Feel free to share what’s on your mind this week! Are you a beach lover like myself?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there instructors and spin cycle enthusiasts!! It’s time for your weekly dose of spin cycle jams.

Check my updated teaching schedule to see where I’ll be next and follow me on Spotify!

Let’s go for a ride!

Mood Ring- Britney Spears, Ape Drums: Warm up
HOT DRUM- JOYRYDE: Accelerations
What’s Love Got to Do With It- Kygo, Tina Turner: Rolling hills
My Love- Florence + The Machine, Meduza: Standing run
When Love Takes Over- David Guetta, Kelly Rowland: Climb
It Gets Better- Swedish House Mafia: Standing run
I Like It- Enrique Iglesias: Sprints
Turn Me On- Kevin Lyttle: Active recovery
Burnin Up- Don Diablo, Jessie J, 2Chainz: Rolling hills
U&U- Merk & Kremont: Jumps
Cooler Than Me- Mike Posner: Climb
Don’t Hit My Line- Aluna: Seated/standing run
Got Me Good- Ciara: Accelerations
The Roof- Mariah Carey: Rolling hills
Voulez Vous- Bali Bandits
The Climb- Flying Lotus, Thundercat: Cooldown

Feel free to share some jams with us today!

Taking the LEAP…How to Gain Confidence to Dabble in the Ultra Distance.

As someone who has conquered nearly every ultra distance under the sun…I’ve pretty much done every type of training program. Speed work, cross training, strength & flexibility, track work, high mileage, hill work, oh my. To me there is a method to ultra madness and really all of those things go in the recipe for a stellar meal. But one thing underrated and often overlooked is the power of the MIND.

When folks ask me about back to back long runs and what it really takes to do these races all the time for so many years without injury I simply tell them, ‘your mind is a powerful tool’.

So, let’s unpack that a bit more and discuss some ways you can gain the confidence to take that leap…into the limitless.

-Visualize your success. One thing remains true with me is that I have this insatiable grit in knowing if I really want to do something, I’m going to do it. I do think training plays a part in this and as a veteran ultra runner I know what my body can handle and you become pretty sensitive to that. However if you are completely new to ultras, IE marathoners have this limit in their mind that 26.2 is it for them. I say this because I was once that runner. But…I still remember a cold day in February during training where I first ran PAST 26.2 for the very first time. I was alone, running in circles around my neighborhood. When I tell you that feeling was absolutely so exhilarating to the point where I STILL DRAW FROM THAT MEMORY to this very day.

You have to have those visual cues to draw from especially at mile 35 or 40 of a 50 mile race. It makes all the difference in the world.

-Know your WHY. Are you uber competitive and want to see how fast you can tackle a 50k? Or do you run for a deeper more spiritual reason? It doesn’t matter…but if you know your why and you stick to that and do not lose sight of that, it will take you very far.

-“Pain, it only hurts”. Scott Jurek is the ultra rock star and master of that knowledge. But I do think most seasoned ultra folks are kind of hardened to the pain. Or, used to it so much that we look forward to it? In a rather sadistic way. Just know that anything beyond a marathon usually is going to hurt like hell and you will be limping for days. I like to call it the limp of glory. Embrace the suck. You’ll learn to love it too.

Scare yourself. I’m a fan of doing things that are not normal. And not really for shock value, bragging points, or posts on IG. Scare your damn self. Do things that people think are ‘crazy’ and ‘unreal’. Why? For you.

For your strength. For days where you can draw from that strength and say to yourself. Wow, I did the damn thing.

Any more ultra fanatics out there? Feel free to share your words of wisdom.

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to you! Hope you’ve had a marvelous week and are cooking up some fun Easter weekend plans! The weather down in Texas as of late has been lovely. I mean these sunsets though. I’ve been loving scaling back the miles this week also in preparation for my next ultra…the Hachie 50 miler! It should be a good time after short recovery from the Brazos Bend 50k. Recap is here in case you missed out on the 31 miles of fun.

Let’s get to my faves from this week!

All about some Soothing Hydration lately. I literally have a bottle of this stuff everywhere I go! Plus it smells like a day at the spa. Highly recommended.

Kind of enamored with the idea of Rogue ExpeditionsI am legit eyeing that Morocco running excursion! Unreal.

Chocolate coconut easter cakewhere do I sign up.

Powerful training for the mind. Visual reminders – oh so crucial.

Reminiscing on the pretty collection of Hachie 50 miler awards…I seriously need a pretty box just for all of the sweet swag.

And finally, your Friday funny.

Make it a GOOD FRIDAY!! Enjoy your holiday weekend.

What are you cooking up for Easter weekend? Any sweet/savory treats!?

Brazos Bend 50k Race Recap.

Well, yet another ULTRA run has come and gone and it is time to get my recap on! This past weekend I made the trek down to Brazos Bend State Park for a 50k trail run!! Returning to the trails after doing lots of pavement running is always so soothing to my body, mind and spirit. Often times I truly just enjoy going out there to rejuvenate and refresh. It is also always great to run into so many trail running buds that I know and love from years past.

This time around at Brazos I decided on running the 31 mile race. I’ve been out to this particular trail before, to run the 100 miler which was a phenomenal experience. It’s a VERY flat course, and fast for those who enjoy actually racing and PR’ing a trail experience. But it is also amazingly beautiful, surrounded by lots of bodies of water and awesome wildlife. I mean if you are really lucky you may even cross paths with a GATOR or two! I did glance over and see one swimming around in the water. But since the state park was crowded they weren’t that excited about being out and about.

My race started around 7 AM which gave me and my supportive friend plenty of time to make our way out to the park. We got in to town Friday pretty late and stayed in a hotel, then the next morning headed over to the park where we actually got great parking. The gun went right off at 7 AM and we were off into the woods for the day.

Going into this race, with very little mileage under my belt (but a CRAP ton of cross training teaching at Life Time) I knew this was not going to be my best performance of the year. But getting the ‘time on my feet’ was going to be crucial especially going into racing the Hachie 50 miler at the end of April. Since Hachie pushed their race up a few weeks I knew the 50k would be a great benchmark. I love BB50 too because just like Hachie, it’s flat, fast and a looped course. We did 2 loops of over 15.5 miles which worked out great for me mentally. Also, going into this run I decided not to hardcore track myself on my GPS. I TRULY wanted to run by feel, and assess my body by feel along the way. It also helped me to not be so ‘in my head’ like I usually am about things the entire time.

Loop 1 went wonderful, for the most part it was nice and cool since temps started out at 40 something degrees and gradually went up as the day went on. I made sure to stay on point with my hydration, taking in mostly electrolytes, water, fruit gummies and pickles. I kind of forgot how much I do love pickles during a trail run. Hits the dang spot every time.

The 2nd loop was where things super GOT REAL. The weather got pretty balmy, topping out at around 80 degrees by mid day. The back half of this run had NO SHADE whatsoever, which made for a fun jaunt out and back down a reallllly long part of the trail with no aid stations in sight. It was kind of like a mirage, you would look up and think you saw that the end was near….but nope…another long stretch. I was also starting to get a little crampy at the end so it was a lot of death marching around mile 25 or so. One of the ladies at the aid station (a fellow ultra/100 mile runner as well) ended up giving me a pep talk that I truly needed and it got me to where I needed to go. I got over the marathon mark and actually started to feel a LOT better.

After that (more trucking along) I just kept on with my relentless forward motion mindset, not really feeling all that great but just in general feeling the love and SUPPORT the entire way along the route.

Every time I would start to feel blah or just alone in general, I would see someone on the trails who would provide encouragement. It is amazing to me how the trail community just embraces everyone. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of the game. Or how many awards you’ve won over the years. It is just a community, a family, that looks out for one another every step of the way.

And that, I’ll never forget and I will always have gratitude for.

Thank you, Brazos Bend for a beautiful time out on the trails, knocking out yet another ultra and giving me a stepping stone for what is to come.

Results can be found here.

How was your weekend? Feel free to share what you love the most about the (trail/road/running) community!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has been quite busy as I scale back the miles in preparation for my next fun run / trail race at Brazos Bend State Park!! As most of you who have been reading a while know, this is where I ran my 2nd 100 mile race some years back. I am thrilled to go out there and have some dirty fun and kick it with my trail running compadres.

I’ve been enjoying using my ultra races as training building up to the Hachie 50 miler. My last 50k a few weeks ago went well, and I recovered rather quickly (thanks Normatec) so I am hoping for the same down at Brazos. All I need is a sunshine, pretty run shoes and some hydration and this ultra runner can go a very long way.

The Texas bluebonnets are back in business baby! I love my Texas state flower. They have been popping up just about everywhere.

It is something really special for me about running a race in the springtime. I won’t get too deep but I strongly feel a connection with running ultra miles during my birthday month. Hachie 50 is actually on my birthday weekend this year so it will be a good time. Fun running, deep talks with run buds, introspective thoughts while on foot. Yes, all about all of this.

As my low key (but extremely high key badass) homegirl Ash recently said…

this is truly how I feel about ultras and running these days. Without a doubt it is a beautiful thing when you have something you are so passionate about that it resonates down deep in your soul. And there is not a soul in the universe that can take that joy away from you.

What is igniting your soul today? Have you had your coffee yet?!
Extra shots of espresso today are my absolute jam.

Weds Spin Playlist.

It’s a great day for some spin cycle jams! I’ve got some oldies and newbies on the list this week along with a workout for my fellow instructors. Let’s get straight to it!

Check out my updated spin cycle schedule, lots of classes added and I’ll be doing some subbing all over the place in the coming months.

Plus, follow along and let’s be friends on Spotify. Let’s go for a ride!

Beam Me Up- Cazzette: Warm up
Ain’t No Other Man- Christina Aguilera: Rolling hills
El Camino- Black Caviar: Accelerations
House Party- The Knocks: Standing run
One (Your Name)- Swedish House Mafia, Pharrell: Rolling hills
More/RedOne Remix- Usher: Tapbacks
Side to Side- Slushii, Ariana Grande: Jumps
Hot Water- Audien, 3LAU, Victoria Zaro
One Thing- Mr. Belt & Wezol, Jack Wins: Sprints
Bounce- Calvin Harris, Kelis: Active recovery
Scandalous- Mis-Teeq: Climb
Run- Galantis & Misha VIP Mix: Jumps on a hill
Yummy- Justin Bieber: Climb
Big Energy- Latto, Mariah Carey, DJ Khaled: Sprints
God is a Dancer- Tiesto, Mabel: Climb
Simmer- Mahalia, Burna Boy: Cool down

Feel free to share what songs you are moving and grooving to this week!