Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy chilly Thursday!! I got out for a run in the city lights last night with plummeting Texas temperatures. That’s right you guys…from temps in the 70s all the way down to the 20s!! I kid you not. Welcome to bipolar weather in the lone star state. We are used to it here.

I actually do LOVE cold weather running, provided that my extremities are covered. For real…I do not know how in the world people run outside with temps less than 45 degrees without some gloves on. I could literally wear a tank and shorts in the cold! As long as my hands are covered. Maybe that makes me a weirdo. I fully own that.

I hope you all are staying healthy. This dang new variant is so contagious and EVERYONE seems to be getting it, vaxxed or not. It sounds like we are at the peak of it though, so things are going to die down soon. Let’s hope and pray.

I am excited to get back to my RUN CLUB this weekend!! I have been doing a lot of solo miles lately so I really am ready to get back to being in a group setting doing some (socially distanced) miles. What I love about my run club is that no matter how long you stay away or just ‘need a break’ from the hustle and bustle of running with groups they always welcome you back with open arms.

-My next race will be the Cowtown 50k (those of you who have followed me for a while know I pace this race quite often) and it will without a doubt be a RUN for FUN good time. I’m actually running this race FOR ME and not someone else, this time.

Not doing a lot of training this go round but I am okay with that. I just want my legs to get back in the groove of running lots of miles and time on my feet.

I’m just now catching up with this Britney Spears vs. Jamie Lynn fiasco. YouTube has been keeping me up to date. I really am not sure who’s side I am on. I just know that I am watching the trainwreck. What can I say it is a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Share some randomness with me from your week! Are you team Britney or team Jamie Lynn?!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day to ya! I’ve got a lovely spin cycle playlist you will love today! With spin cycle new tracks and throwbacks. Hope that you do enjoy! Check out my latest schedule to see where I’ll be teaching a class near you. If you’re local I can get you a free pass. Holla at me.

Also let’s be friends on Spotify.

Time to go for a ride!!

I Found You- (Neptune) feat. Jess Ball: Warm up
Just Like That- Tom & Jame: Accelerations
Get Down- RetroVision: Rolling hills
I’m Good- Blaque: Standing run
Like This- Kelly Rowland: Rolling hills
Barbra Streisand: Jumps
Feel Good- Crankdat Remix/Daya: Seated/standing run
Make My Love Go- Jay Sean, Sean Paul: Climb
Fall Into the Sky- Zedd, Lucky Date, Ellie Goulding: Sprints
Split- Tiesto, The Chainsmokers: Climb
Done for Me-Charlie Puth, Kehlani: Active recovery
Déjà Vu- Beyonce, Jay-Z: Rolling hills
Good Luck- Basement Jaxx: Jumps on a hill
Circus (Villans Remix)- Britney Spears: Climb
Shut Up and Let Me Go- The Ting Tings: Accelerations
South of the River- Tom Misch: Cool down

Share some of your latest and greatest in workout song faves!!

Energy Boosting Hacks to Get Your Run On During the Winter Season.

Happy new week to you! Hopefully you all are feeling good and running strong throughout this winter season. With the flu and covid running rampant, we could all use some ENERGY HACKS from time to time, yes?! Well I am here to deliver to you just that! I’ve been hitting things harder in the areas of cross training lately (cycling 40-60 miles a week at the gym as opposed to tons of running), but as my running/racing season starts ramping back up I figured I would share with you some of my favorite ways to keep my energy boosted during the winter months.

Even though it is colder out, hydration should continue to play a role in your workouts. For longer runs, I absolutely utilize endurance drinks (Nuun or G2) that provide me electrolytes without all of the sugar. Smart Water is another great drink if you want something without the flavoring. Also I also keep my water at bay while I’m at my desk working and sip all day throughout the day. I notice my brain is a LOT sharper when I am fully hydrated. Especially if you do a lot of cardio I think this is VITAL.

Keep your vitamin game on point. During the pandemic what has kept my immune system super strong is being vigilant about my vitamin intake. B12, B complex as well as zinc and D3 are some staples. Again during the work week I keep them at my desk and I take them and find that my energy stays very stable and I don’t have a “DIP” in the day/afternoons. B12 I believe is really great to take especially if you are an evening runner to have that little push to get you through your miles after work. For me, since I work at work I lately have been loving my runs at night…just to unwind and de-stress…and declutter my mind. Whatever works for you and keeps you consistent.

Nutrient rich/complex carbs with lean protein. Diet wise I haven’t been as on point as when I’m hard core training, however in the off season I make sure to have some omega 3 rich foods and complex carbs. I love brown/jasmine rice and sweet potatoes. Quinoa is also a staple of mine. I am not really a bread fan so I stray away from refined carbs. Chicken, fish and turkey are also my absolute jam. And eggs. These things keep my energy (and mood) uplifted.

-Always keep in mind that getting outside…even for 1 mile…and being in the sunshine is going to ALWAYS put you in a better mood. When I am just feeling out of sorts I make sure to hop out to my favorite lake even or just watch the sun (hello another opportunity for some vitamin D) is going to be what is going to keep my energy on point. Doing this and taking time for yourself during the winter season will make all the difference. Even if you don’t have fifty million races on the calendar right now.

Feel free to some ways you keep your energy on point during this chilly season!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and HAPPY 2022!! I know I took a bit of a blogging hiatus but alas I AM BACK!! I got my morning started with a beautiful crisp run in the great outdoors. The skies were quite beautiful and I even did some quick strides at the end. It felt good to see a 7 something minute mile back on my GPS. Haha.

Along with the blog hiatus, I actually scaled my miles back during the holidays running wise…while teaching more classes at the gym, of course. My body frankly has been needing a major break. Especially before I refresh the page and add some spicy ultra runs back on my calendar.

Speaking of ultra runs – I’ve got not 1, not 2, but 3 ultras on my roster this winter & spring!! I am so very happy to get back to doing some actual real distance. Bring on the 50k and 2 50 milers. Those of you already know I do my annual Hachie 50, and then as a little tune up I’ll be running the Brazos 50 mile trail run. Admittedly, 50 miles is my favorite distance in the universe. It’s just far enough, you know?? Haha. I am ready to run with the gators.


My favorite meal right lately…pho with extra basil. Perfect for chilly evenings watching my housewives.

For those of you keeping up with what the CDC says…here is their latest message.

-I have to say, I do love ginger ale.

Feel free to share some randomness with me today !!

NYE Plans and Random Wednesday Thoughts.

You get to hear from me not once but twice on this blog o thing today! Aren’t you the lucky one. Of course I have a few random thoughts for the week before I’m off for the NYE holiday. I teach a spin class tomorrow (my last one for the year, HOORAY!!) then enjoying some down time before our big trek across town.

We’ve had some incredible sunshine-y weather down in Texas so this year will be a good one. I’ve done the Ft. Worth to Dallas run a few times over the years, in ALL TYPES OF WEATHER – chilly cold, super warm, humid, drizzles and ice. I’m just glad this year the weather will be mild and I can wear my shorts and a light top. Temps in the 60s and 70s in December. I definitely won’t complain.

One of the worst allergens of the year is back in town for us – Mountain Cedar. So even though we have incredible weather that feels like spring, the tradeoff is bad allergies. Zyrtec will be my best friend for the next few months.

I have another beachy trip coming up soon (people just like taking me to the beach with them, what can I say) and I am hoping that the flights won’t be too crazy. I’ve been hearing about cancellations and such with different airlines due to staff shortages. We shall see what happens.

In the new year one thing I want to get better at is doing some track work. Not necessarily to get super good at running (haha) but really just for FUN. Who does speed work for fun? Yeah that would be me. I have a neighborhood track that I really love so I will be hitting it up soon. I think my favorite track workout is 800s. I also want to get back to doing mile repeats. Need for speed here I come.

Mind you, the only race I’m signed up for next year so far, is my annual 50 miler haha. But hey…Ultrarunners need speedwork love too.

How are you all ringing in the new year?! I’m partying by running across town with some of my favorite ultra runners and I think this year for once I’m going to take it easy afterwards. I’m pretty sure my legs will THANK ME.

Cheers to you all. Be safe out there and take your vitamins. I just popped a D3 and had a B12 shot this morning.

Have a great New Year’s holiday!! See you on the other side in 2022.

Any fun NYE plans? Who is doing a celebratory race or run?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Well…it is that eerily quiet week between Christmas and New Years but hey we are still rocking it with the spin cycle JAMS!! I’ve got some hot tracks for those riding on into 2022. Let’s do this.

Check me out on Spotify for the latest greatest workout playlists and also check my schedule if you want to come check out a spin class at Life Time. I’ve got free passes for those of you that want to work out (and delve into the luxury amenities that we do offer at our resort style clubs.)

Let’s go for a ride!

Remember- Becky Hill, David Guetta: Warm up
Typical- Alok, Steve Aoki, Lars Martin: Standing run
Runaway Baby- Bruno Mars: Rolling hills
String Theory- Hi-LO: Sprints
Play Hard- David Guetta: Rolling hills
Body Mind Soul- DVBBS, Benny Benassi: Seated/standing run
Show Me Love- Robyn: Climb
I Could Be Wrong- Lucas & Steve, Brandy: Jumps on a hill
Telephone- Lady Gaga, Beyonce: Active recovery
Nights Like This- Loud Luxury: Accelerations
Duro- CID: Rolling hills
Firestarter- Fedde Le Grand: Climb
Wings- Little Mix: Sprints
DARE- Gorillaz: Standing run
Good for You- Selena Gomez, A$AP Rocky, Yellow Claw: Climb
Love Sex Magic- Ciara, Justin Timberlake: Active recovery
Warriors of the Night- Datsik: Climb
Nothing to Say- Bingo Players: Sprints
Tints- Anderson Paak: Cool down

Feel free to share some of your favorite end of the year workout tracks with me!

My Year of Running 2021.

2021. What a whirlwind of a year this has been. I’ll say I’ve never been so overwhelmingly thankful for GOOD HEALTH, friends and family. And also, the incredible running community that I hold near and dear. Running and the amazing tribe of people are those that I just love racing with, training with, and doing LIFE with. And I honestly would not have it any other way.

Really this year has taught me so many life lessons. More than any other year. I’ve learned that I am strong when everything around me seems to be crumbling. Due to the pandemic sadly I’ve seen a few folks I know and love, pass away this year. As recently as a few weeks ago.

So running has been something that has brought me so much peace. It has been a safe haven of sorts when life has gotten challenging. It has protected me from days where I’ve wanted to give up hope. Running…for me…has brought me hope. Joy. A light in the darkest of moments.

I’ve enjoyed more runs for sanity…solitude…sunrises…sunsets…colorful skies. More for ME…less for competitive reasons. Or for racing.

As a form of survival.

So thank you, running, for showing me in 2021 – what I am made of.

Now…let’s chat about some of the racing fun that I did have this year and moments that were memorable.

Best race experience?
I would hands down have to say the Hachie 50 miler. This year I loved sharing this experience with my running club. We pounded it out there for miles and miles and really they are what KEPT me going when I wanted to quit.

This year’s race will forever be etched into my brain for the sheer fact that I shared it with some very special people.

Best run?
Probably coming back after spending time in sunny Florida to run in the snow!! We had a treacherous winter storm in February and Texas really never sees snow. So it was fun to run in it with some colorful leggings on.

Best new piece of running swag?
I’ll have to say I love all of my crazy leggings but I especially love these skull ones. Something about them makes me feel like that of a badass.

Best piece of running advice you’ve received? Do what you love – love what you do. Always and forever that will remain true.

Most inspirational runner?
I’m constantly inspired by all of YOU in the blogging community! I think that is what keeps me blogging to this day (even after so many bloggers have turned into IG influencers) I’m a writer at heart and I love having a blog to chronicle all of my running adventures. All of you keep me loving this blogosphere.

If you could sum up your year of running in a few words, what would they be?
Safe haven
Illuminating the darkness

Can’t stop. Wont stop.

Feel free to share some of your ups (and downs) this year!!

Wishing you all a safe…happy…healthy holiday! And happy new year. Cheers to more miles and lots of adventures in 2022.

Post Christmas Random Thoughts.

Hope you all had some rest and relaxation, and fun runs over the holiday! I’ve been getting in some glorious miles with some oh so PRETTY Texas skies. We’ve had temperatures in the 60s and 70s too which have been my jam. Forget about white Christmas haha. If the white runs out I’ll drink the red. My wine lovers know what I mean.

The evenings have been cool and breezy too which have made for some beautiful nights by the fire. A friend treated me to vino and good eats during Christmas week. Oh so thankful for this beauty of a view.

I really enjoyed Christmas taking the miles back (in preparation for this weekend’s run across town run) and loving on my family.

Mama’s Christmas tree was spectacular.

I have a new blog domain!! Thedancingrunner.blog. So save that if you wanna keep on being a faithful reader. Loving the blogging community.

Catching up on all of my favorite movies over the break was oh so fun. Especially one of my all time faves – Vicky Christina Barcelona.

I’m teaching a spin class tonight and looking forward to some eucalyptus cold towels and heating things up in the eucalyptus steam room. Oh happy day.

Stay tuned spin cycle instructors – I’ll be at work part of this week (gotta put out fires when you work in television full time) so I’ll be posting a hot new cycle playlist for my gym folks (so you can ring in the new year with all the JANUARIANS.)

How was your holiday?! Did you watch any fun movies / dine outside by the fire? Do tell.

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to you! Hope you have some holiday hooplah in store for your weekend. Last night I went for another marvelous Christmas lights run on the lake. The peacefulness of these miles after teaching spin class was absolute heaven.

I have a holiday brunch with friends, long run, and maybe some time to exhale with a little (much needed) YOGA. Plus next week I’ll only be working Monday and Tuesday (gotta put out fires when you work in television, even during the holidays) then I’ll be spending time with the fam-a-lam.

Let’s get into this week’s faves!

Master legs up the wall pose for better recovery. This without a doubt is my GO TO post race. That and “motion is lotion” – I try to teach spin cycle as well which really loosens up the legs and makes me want to keep moving and grooving.

10 best mobile brain games for adults in 2021. Sudoku has always intrigued me but I think I also want to try Impulse.

Teaching holiday spin cycle classes all week this week. I tell you what teaching spin and being in that dark room with all of the party lights always gives me so much joy – especially around Christmas time.

Plus I mean you cannot go wrong with these amazing cold eucalyptus towels after class. They only have these at the resort style gym that I teach at on Mondays so it is always a treat after a long day at the 9 to 5.

And alas, your Friday funny.

Never gets old. 

Make your day a great one! Merry Christmas and Happy last minute holiday shopping to you and yours.

What’s on tap for your weekend? Or are you an overachiever and have all of your gifts wrapped already under the tree?!?
Do inspire us procrastinators if you can. I need some gift WRAP-spiration.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I’ve been running through the Christmas lights again this week! And taking pics of the ones that I love the most. Hopefully I don’t end up on Nextdoor for taking these pics along my running route haha. Like those porch pirates. We shall see.

Okay full disclosure you guys…I am nowhere near finished with Christmas shopping and it is going to be a last minute effort this year. But you know what it is all going to get done. I AM OVER THE MOON THANKFUL that I have most of next week (and the week following) off from the 9 to 5.

I will be teaching some holiday spin classes though so that should be a good time. I’ve got a jammin’ spin cycle playlist with some hot tracks to go along with it all.

I do not know if I still have any Real Housewives watchers on this here blog but you know what I am so super into the Salt Lake City girls this year. This Jen Shah situation is the hot mess that I cannot stop watching. Sometimes you just have to indulge in your guilty pleasures and RHOSLC is absolutely mine.

I could watch a whole episode on crazy Mary Cosby and her antics. Hilarious.

I’ve been listening to Christmas music every morning at work while I work on promos and it is putting more pep into my step for sure. 90s R&B Christmas music for the win baby. If you don’t have this album in your rotation then you are missing out on life.

I think when it comes to being hype about Christmas you either grew up in a household that hyped it up or you didn’t. Even though I grew up in a single parent household my mom made sure she infused the Christmas spirit into my heart and soul. I am glad I still get excited about the holiday like a giddy little school girl.

However I did not put Black Santa up in the office this year. Frankly the dynamic in my office is a little different this year, I’m not sure the current vibe would VIBE with Black Santa. So he stayed in the closet this year. Maybe I’ll bring you out next year, sir.

Are y’all doing/attending lots of holiday parties this year? That I will say I definitely AM NOT. I do think a lot of work places are doing them virtual this year due to covid. I prefer the one on one meet ups which I’ve already planned and had a few with friends and loved ones that I hold dear.

Without a doubt my favorite holiday hoodie has to be this Brazos Bend 100 one. BB100 I will always and forever have a place for you in my heart.

Is your work place doing an in person or virtual party this year??
What is your favorite holiday dish?
It really is not a holiday dish honestly but this year I can’t get enough mashed potatoes. I really do think garlic or loaded mashed potatoes and a glass of red wine would be my last meal on earth. Well that, and sushi.